Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Uganda and the Ebola outbreak.

Did Uganda cover up the Ebola outbreak because of the Chogm meeting? Interesting, and maybe more so because it is the letters to newspapers which are raising the question.

Suspicious that editors are allowing the question to be published. Smell of a scandal. And of course the red rug does not shy away from such juicy tid bits. Not that it will get me to buy it.


Explain Ebola silence

The Ministy of Health should explain why it took so long to confirm

that the current hemorragic illness in northwestern Uganda is Ebola.

These cases were first presented in August, 4 months ago!

There was a documented outbreak of Ebola in DR Congo in the middle of

this year. So Ebola must have been high on the list of suspects for

this current outbreak. I hope the official announcement of this

outbreak was not politically delayed so as not to disrupt Chogm.

Concerned citizen


EBOLA Was Kept Secret Because Of CHOGM

Details are emerging which suggest that the deadly Ebola virus that

hit Bundibugyo was identified earlier but was kept secret for fear of

jeopardising the visit of Queen Elizabeth II and the Commonwealth

summit. In the week preceding the summit and the state visit of the

Queen, there were media reports quoting medical authorities talking

about 'a mysterious disease' that...


Was it mere coincidence?

EDITOR--Is it purely coincidental that Ebola was finally diagnosed

after raging for almost four months within days of the end of the

Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting? I wonder how many Ugandan

lives might have been saved!

Roger Green


Again it is the medics who are getting sick, though there is some panic in the west.

Guess now that it is known, it will be controlled. But interesting question, was the outbreak covered up?


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