Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pope Says ... Gay Marriage 'Obstacle' to World Peace

Someone anonymously bereted me for writing too much about my homosexual self. Being too preachy.

I didn’t think he or she was right, and I have found that many of the posts here may only allude to my sexuality. Maybe I have been holding back.

But I cant hold back on this.

The Pope, His holiness of the Catholic Church believes that gay marriage is one of the obstacles to world peace.
I don’t know how the holiness comes to this conclusion. To me it is not less than amazing. I am a man. I am in a relationship with another man. I do love him. My country, Uganda, made a constitutional amendment which makes sure that I can never get married to my lover. It is a big deal for me. My straight friends may celebrate marriage. I will not celebrate marriage.

Yet to be told that my request and campaign for marriage, for a legal recognition of me and my partner as partners, that that is an obstacle to world peace, that boggles my mind. Probably not the mind of the Pontiff. But my mind. And that of my lover.
He is the religious one. His outburst was bitter. In his words, Ratzinger seems to have a problem with his own sexuality!

Homophobia is the irrational fear of same sex sexuality. Emphasis on ‘irrational’. How I come to threaten world peace with a call not to be discriminated against, that I do not see. Apparently, the 15 page document justifies this.

Tutu summed it up well. God weeps.

For me and my partner, to be lumped together with such world figures as George W Bush, Kim il Sung, Osama bin Laden, and others as a threat to world peace amazes me. I was under the impression that I am not that important a person. I am relatively convinced that my sexuality per se is not that important, but the bigger picture of respect of the Humanity of others, what some call ‘Human Rights’ is the bigger picture which is more important.

I sincerely do not see how I threaten world peace if the govt recognizes my relationship with my partner. For the pontiff to say this, I wonder, why? Why did he say something as amazing as that?
Hitler was amazing in the justification of his xenophobia. The world did not believe him, until it was too late. Even now, some deny the Holocaust.

Why are we made into such demons by our detractors?

I must say, frankly, that the rhetoric does amaze me. From the Mufti, we deserve marooning. From the Pope, we threaten World Peace.




A.H. said...
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gayuganda said...

I am the catalyst for the dissolution of the Commonwealth? That is giving me more importance than I am comfortable with!

You know, the political trick, you get this bogey man on whom you can blame all the ills of the people on. Worked well in Kosovo, Rwanda, and other places. Even in Uganda at the moment. The Baliisa in Bunyoro.

Sigh, maybe I will have to live with this unasked for honour. Dubious as it is.


Afriboy said...
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A.H. said...
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Kelly Rivera Hart said...

Being a marriage rights/human rights activist in the US, this shouldn't surprise me. But, as it's one more step backwards into chosen ignorance, I'm speechless. I am so fortunate to be an out gay man is San Francisco. And I am so full of prayers and concern for my gay brothers and sisters in countries where who you love could put you in prison or even kill you. My heart aches for your community in Uganda. don't give up. Keep pressing forward for truth will win one day.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Kelly


Anonymous said...

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