Monday, December 10, 2007

A Gene for Homosexuality

This is an interesting article, one that I read with some trepidation.

Despite what some people say, it is a matter of fact that my sexual orientation, homosexuality has some genetic component to it.

Why it is so, we do not know.

Homosexuality is not a preserve of human beings. I think the scientists call us by the fancy name ‘Homo sapiens’ , it is there in the rest of the animal kingdom.

Some years ago, I read of a ‘gene flipping’ experiment. In the fruitfly again. Scientists found that they could turn one gene upside down, and switch on and switch off homosexuality. Very interesting.

Now, here is another article. Again in the fruitfly. A gene, they call it ‘Genderblind’ gene, seems to have the ability to make the fruitfly homosexual. A gene which can actually change the sexuality.

“While the biological basis for homosexuality remains a mystery, a team led by University of Illinois at Chicago researcher David Featherstone has discovered that sexual orientation in fruit flies is controlled by a previously unknown regulator of synapse strength.

Armed with this knowledge, the researchers found they were able to use either genetic manipulation or drugs to turn the flies' homosexual behavior on and off within hours.”

“A mutation in GB turns flies bisexual.”

“Other genes that alter sexual orientation have been described, but most just control whether the brain develops as genetically male or female. It's still unknown why a male brain chooses to do male things and a female brain does female things. The discovery of GB provided an opportunity to understand why males choose to mate with females.”

Very interesting. Actually, they could manipulate the sexual orientation using some drugs. Change from one orientation to another using a drug.


And upsetting at the same time.

I mean, I have the weapons to tell the guys and girls who attack me the scientific fact that are on the ground. Established that I do not have a choice about it. Someone speaks of being ‘totally against the normalisation of homosexuality’.

I know it. But they will never agree to these scientific facts. Apparently the paper is to be published in Nature, and the pedigree of the authors is notable. Guys with lots of letters to their names.

Yet I have to remember the reaction of Dr Watson. Of DNA fame, and a Nobel Prize winner. The guy who thinks that because I am an African, I am somehow genetically inferior. He also thought that if a gay gene was ever to be found, a mother would be justified to abort a foetus that was gay.

Homophobia is described as an irrational fear of homosexuality. It is irrational. I don’t think I would be able to change their minds regarding me being normal. They would still abort their children if they discovered that the children were going to be homosexuals. Weird.


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