Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Its Eid day. Again.

I know I am not very observant of days, and public holidays. Tend to forget them too easily. The sense of occasion disappeared with my childhood. Maybe I have had to work on too many of them. Uganda’s private sector knows no public holidays. They are too many, too intrusive on the business of making a profit. And jobs are too scarce, applicants too many.

An interesting day.

I have heard the expression ‘a watery sun’. That is true of Kampala today.

Woke up early, usual. Got out on the verandah, till I had to get back. Too cold, I had to put on some warm clothing.

The weather is unsettled. The sun rise was fantastic, a brilliant ball of gold tossed into the eastern sky, its light flooding all before it. But there was something unusual. An orangeness to the dawn, like it was filtered light.

I wrote;

the dawn’s a blushing red,

the sky’s orange with promise;

of what I believe is of sun ‘n heat,

though, might as well be, cloud ‘n rain.

Yet I had just written that when the orange was switched off. The skies darkened, cold intensified. And the sun since then seems to have hidden behind a curtain.

And it has been watery, the light that I have seen so far.

the fiery orange blaze goes out

of a sudden, extinguished,

what’s of the sun? thus hindered,

though the skies roil, her majesty shines strong,

beyond yonder veiling curtains.

Its unsettled weather, unsettling too, mirroring my thoughts. Seems as if I am responding to that. Why, I am not sure.

I am just recovering from the malaria. Yeah, had to get the prick, for the diagnosis, and take the tabs, unlovely as they are. Still have a woozy feeling, but it will pass. Low of energy, mouth sour, mood unlight, but the promise is of beauty.

Poetry? Seems as if muse is unsettled to. Wanted prose, poetry flows, and for poetry, prose. The central calm is unsettled, for now.

Doesn’t help that the pc is acting up!!!!

But it is Eid day, a public holiday. This near Christmas, almost unrecognised. But it is Eid day.



WhozHe said...

Nicely written. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you are recovering well. I'll be praying for you.

gayuganda said...


I'm much better, and should soon kick off the drug effects! Thanks


Afriboy said...

Care for your spirit.

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