Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kampala Cocktail

Saw that rain burst this afternoon?
I was out in it, sheltered, of course, though a few drops found their way onto me.
I was looking at Kampala, and as it rained I started penning. Something. Maybe you will like it, maybe not, but it is here.

Kampala Cocktail

Cloud of rain, grey, heavy, misty;

descending to touch, hug the city;

Kampala, shrouds in rain,

hugged close to scrub, rinse, scrub;

deluged in water, rinsed,

the few drowned, unlucky, many sheltered;

shivering, beneath heavy outpour-

To lift, a moment, city scrubbed clean;

air- rinsed, filtered, wet, cold ‘n clear

afternoon sun presents her smiling face-

rain-cloud gone, city steaming, wreathed

in steam, ‘n rain ‘n sun, ‘n green

Only Kampala the beautiful

has driving, washing rain the half hour,

the other half, city’s wreathed in golden sun ‘n steam-

rain-cloud mist a memory

the other side of the hills;

the air clean, washed, breathing, life’s dream blooming bright.

Kampala the same half hour;

driving rain ‘n broiling sun mix ‘n separate;

heady cocktail to daze the mind.

©GayUganda 12/12/2007

Dunno. Looks better after heavy editing. May do. Maybe.

A good evening to you!


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