Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Its Christmas Day, 2007

Strange, that a single day in the year is imbued with such lore and allure. In Swahili, in Tanzania, the traditional greeting is ‘Siku kuu njema’- wishing you a good great day.

Here, the words are corrupted, as is wont to be done for peoples who had to adopt the tradition and the words to go with it. But the essential meaning is the same, the words in the languages, with the Swahili equivalent.

At least I think so, though I own to being no linguist.

I wish you all a beautiful, and lovely day. Enjoy it.

The day has dawned misty and cloud covered in Kampala. The smog caused by the heavy Christmas shopping traffic had dispersed yesterday, but came back, it was a heavy traffic day. There is a haze, and a cool, and a dimness to the day. Yet that does not hide the beauty of the day, and of the morning, and of the time.

I woke up to read. And I wrote.

I have been out on a little jaunt, to our main road, chiefly to look at the day as it ushered in the light, and watch the joy of Christmas day emotions and happiness and joy.

Maybe the sun will come out in a blaze later on. Maybe the rain will come. Maybe it will be overcast, the whole day.

Yet it will be beautiful, as is. It is beautiful, as is.



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas GUG!
Where I grew up, somewhere in Buganda, the first greeting lines used to change on such a day: The 1st person would say: -"Azaaliddwa" and the greeted person would respond with - "Alleluia Azaaliddwa" then the usual greetings would proceed. Dunno if they still do it. How times change. Similar modification would follow on easter with: "Azuukidde"; Response: "Alleluia Azuukidde nga bwe Yagamba"

gayuganda said...

Hi Tetue,

welcome back, and Merry Christmas to you too.

Guess you grew up around Christian Evangelicals? The 'Abalokole abazukufu'. They are the ones who seemed to personalise it so thoroughly. Guess, these days most do.

I am definitely a minority as an unbeliever.

Atin said...

Happy Holidays

Been a while

gayuganda said...

Hi Atin,

yeah, been a while, welcome back


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