Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Children’s Game.

They want me to play it, and so I will play it. But they are to blame.

Do I have to answer correctly? I swear I will. As far as my necessity demands. And no further.

Four Jobs I have worked.
Now, hell, what is a job. When I carried water on my head was it a job? When I fed mamma’s chickens? When I dug in the field? Ok, I did not herd cattle. What about separating Maama and Daddy during their fights- maybe extra for that, eh?

Four movies I would watch over and over again.
This is a tough question. I am not a movie person. Yes I watch them, but… Watch a movie over and over again? Why not give me a book?

Four places I have lived, countries. Easy one that.
Did I mention, Uganda?

TV shows?
‘xcuse me, what are those?

Four places I have gone to on vacation?
Do you mean like when I was having holidays from school or something?

Four of my favourite foods?
He cooks, I eat. Whatever.

Four places I would rather be now?
Easy. No-Whe-Re-Else

Ok, I have done it. And simply because I had some time on my hands, and I was writing a post which bored me. No, I will not tag you Princess, not will I tag you again deTamble, nor will I tag 27th. Eshuneutics is off the list.
Sigh, I do live in a big village.

Ok, done, or not done, or undone, or fulfilled, whatever!



Princess said...

Beef, GUG!
You didn't answer when I wanted to tug you!
(Even if the post is no answer...)

Princess said...

I am not talking to you anymore!

gayuganda said...

Princess! [Alarmed]

Whyever not?

Ok, I will have Detamble cure you of innocence before we talk again.

PS. Have you noticed that she never calls 27th that anymore? What is going on there? I thought they were too far apart...

Princess said...

All you had to do was apologise. For responding to Detamble's plea and not to mine.
That p.s. was a cheap trick to make me answer you.
And I'm miffed because it worked!
Besides, those two have always had a little,"behind the scenes" kind of thing going on...
And now, I am back to studiously ignoring you.

DeTamble said...

Oh PRINCESS!!! Don't be too sad!

I liked your answers GUG, they're certainly different! :-D

I never call him 27th anymore? I do, sometimes. I just like to alternate between his many names. This week it is Comrade, perhaps next week it shall be Communist. Or maybe I only call him 27th when I'm mad at him, which is most of the time. I dunno, too mentally confusing. It's just Comrade today.

@Princess: Behind the scenes? :-o Why wasn't I told about this???

@GUG: Maybe you should give Princess the hug...

The 27th Comrade said...

I'm shocked well enough by how similar my list would be (will be) to yours. I swear.
In fact, now I'll have to modify mine so people don't come saying I copied GUG. :o)

Nice list.

@DeTamble: Oh. Someday can I be something like ... Dear Leader? :o) We can assume I also added "Conqueror" and the like implicitly. ;o)

DeTamble said...

Dear Leader? Absolutely!

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