Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life is life

Life is life, life’s no politics

But a strange, pulsing bloom

Whose mysteries a lifetime unsolved are;

Nor can they be by one pair of eyes,

One mind be known.

Life’s a liquid bird note call,

The scent of orchid in bloom,

A mysterious night flower unfolding,

A dream with beginning and end-

Going trillion miles between.

Life’s a living moving river

An ocean caught up in wind,

Life’s the soft sunlight in the morning

The blaze of noonday heat,

The dusk with bird and bat call,

Moonscape with stars twinkling aloft;

Life’s a wondrous open dream,

That I will dare to dream this day.

©GayUganda 05 April 2008


A.H. said...
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A.H. said...
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gayuganda said...


I will label you a hamster also.

I have let people call me a faggot on this blog. Their comments stand till today. Why are you fearful of airing your views?

Yes, they may make me cringe, but advice is advice. I will always reserve the right to take it or not. And, I am very stubborn, I have been known to reject teachers considered opinions in favor of my hearts wandering. However misguided.


A.H. said...
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A.H. said...
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gayuganda said...

Hi Eshuneutics,

sly, we are being sly, arent we?

Dont know whether to take any umbrage at the comments..

I was tempted to teach.
I undid the temptation.

and the conclusion that I cannot escape, I am unteachable...!

Oh well, it will save me some time on the keyboard, though I must confess you are the first teacher who has deemed me 'unteachable'!

As to my legion of supporters, as uninformed as I am, well, they are welcome. A case of the blind leading the blind you know...

He has passion in what he believes. And he pours it out. I admire the passion. I am not happy that he does not see the problems with his line of thought. But, he so irresistibly reminds me of you that I cannot fail to make the comparison.

Oh yes, I know, I do not know you, and even 27th. Let me say, besides not knowing how to write, writing affects me in a strange way. Seers in my blood you see.

Thanks anyway


A.H. said...
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gayuganda said...

Thanks anyway,


Anonymous said...

Arrogant of you, eshuneutics. And very very patronising. If you do teach anyone in Penn, I pity them. This doesn't suggest you're very good at it.

Princess said...

Me, I like, unashamedly.
But then you know, I have a bias. :)

A.H. said...
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gayuganda said...


gug does appreciate the anonymous defence of others.

Truth to tell, what you wrote was increadibly, increadibly offensive. You seem to take my politeness for acquiscence, thinking that I do agree with your thinly veiled abuse.

I did decide that i would make this blog a polite one, not throw around my ire and anger.

I compare you to 27th, in part to anger you, knowing your short temper. But you are like him, in not thinking that others have a pertinent point of view. You are like him, in trying to reflect your emotions onto others. Transference it is called, I think. I have never refused anyone space on this blog, to comment, to abuse even me. I pointed it out, and you are condenscending about why you wrote it and then took it off.
Of course, when you post, I get it straight to my mail box. I did get it, and I wished that it had stayed there. Because it would have shown deTamble how completely right she was, accusing you of trying to bias me.

You see in others the wrongs which are glaring logs in your eyes. You point them out in others, and forget that others can see them in you.

Well, you are a guest here, and I demand my guest rights. You are rude, to me, and I accept it, because as host I have decided that that is the face that I will present to the world. But when others question your airs, you try to belittle them. Even when they are telling facts.

Now, I have spoken my mind.

You can go and skulk off. That is possible. As host, I say, bring your all on. I do not fear criticism. I have passed through it, and understand when it is harmless shouting into the wind. And I know when it is a sharp knife into the innards and can cut and destroy.
Yours is the destructive kind. Not constructive at all.

Hey, anger feeds on itself. I will end here, because I will say things which will are better left unsaid.

You are a guest here, and you are welcome. When I ask for your comments, I do not fear them, nor do I ask thinking that you cannot give them. The beauty of this anonymyity is the fact that I can be myself. Yes, buck teeth and all.

Do not take me for granted, or abuse your guest right.


gayuganda said...

Duh eshuneutics.

Would have wished to say that you have suprised me.

27th, the field is yours. He has fled.


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