Friday, April 25, 2008


A literal interpretation of words,

Written, spoken, is not the only one;

Though it is the most replicable-

(able to show, reproduce.)

But there’s something, somewhat higher

A tone, emotion, motion, muse

That the literal touches not

That unique stays on mind’s imprint;

A flame, lick of flame,

At once beautiful and eternal

The reader will read, and touching which exclaim;

‘Yes, I do’, with the poet.



Anonymous said...

Ahhh.... I like that....

It reminds me of the now famous phrase: " a deafening silence". Used everywhere now, but first spoken by the then-Anglican bishop in Salisbury (now Harare) in UDI-Rhodesia. Just so obviously resonated with everyone who heard it...

Anonymous said...

A pity that this post, then, is second-hand cliche.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Anon 1.

Was a bit worried it would be un-understood.

Hi Anon 2

welcome. You used a word new to me, 'cliche'. Had to look up in the dictionary; a form of expression that has been so often used that its original effectiveness has been lost.

Oooch, then this cliche is not just second hand, it is much more than that!!!!! You were too kind.

Anyway, in my defence, everything is new to me. The feel of the words, the tone of voice, what I see and what I feel. Definitely old to you. Thanks for your opinion.


Anonymous said...

"Second-hand cliche"??
Wow! - bitchy bitchy, sweetie...! You jealous you can't do what gug does?
(Anyway: who was it said "there is nothing new under the sun"? All we can do is rediscover things in ways which will reach out to our own generation?)

Anonymous said...

And Anon 1, the word is "cliché" not "cliche"!

Anonymous said...

Ooops! Anon 2 not Anon 1...

Princess said...

It jars, for me at least, the first time I read it.
I re-read to try and get a feel of what you are saying and then that interpretation collides with what I think it ought to say.
I read it a third time and then find that our thoughts are actually in accord...though you have flowered where I would have let dry earth make the impact.
And then I smile, because I like it. :)
It is different, as are you and I.

gayuganda said...

Jar. Yes princess. Does jar, and I would not even have put it here because of that. First verse.

flowered and dry earth? well, well, well...
Cant realy explain what I like or dont like about it. But somehow, what is in it says what i wanted to say. Well, cant even 'critic' my own writing, bah!


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