Monday, April 28, 2008

A Walk

I have just been for a walk.

Up the hill, seeking to look out over the valley that I call home. Never realized that it is so beautiful, this valley. For a walk, or a run, or just plain lazing. You know, with absolutely nothing to do, but to look out and, like one of the many birds far, far in the skies, get lost in the circling of thought.

Yes, it was thought.

Thought about how beautiful my world is. The greens, and blacks, the loams and laterite reds of the soils. The deep blues of the skies, and the clouds that are ever racing over it. The magnitude of my sight, and its shortness. My world is beautiful.

I am not a bee, and will not cry how I cannot see it like a bee does.

Just plain old me, in plain old Kampala, amazed, anew at the beauty of this country that I call home. Fact, the ugly mixes with the beautiful. From the height of Rubaga, and Namirembe, I can see the beautiful houses, and the slums of the city. All of them are, where they are. And, though I would rather be in the posh suburbs than the slums, not even the rusted iron roofs distract from the beauty of this place. Home.

Today has been a funny day to me.

Cannot decide whether I am ok or not. Just like the skies,

They are not prepared to let the sun shine unchallenged, with clouds racing over her face most of the time, yet not staying long enough to make a perfect cloud cover. White sheep on blue hills there, they have been racing at pace too fast for sedate sheep. Maybe more like frisky lambs.

Seems kids are back from school. Holiday season, I kind of get to forget it during the long times off. Means less traffic in the city, less of the traffic jams. And, for my work, a bit more work than usual. Maybe will do to remember that.

But it also means that some will always be hanging around outside, lazing, or, the word is chilling?

No, it will not distract from the beauty of the day, nor my enjoyment of it.



DeTamble said...

I love the rusty roofs. Reminds me of home and the twenty three billion times my mum told me off for getting rust marks all over my butt from sliding down the roofs of our various houses.

gayuganda said...

And you would go tumbling from them? Incorrigible child [in true, big, brother tone]

Er, sis, these are a little too weak to support your childish weight, I think.

DeTamble said...

Yes, well I'm no longer the 10 year old of 28kgs. Now I weigh a whole 47!!! *sniffles* How much weight do I have to lose till I can play on the roof again Brother??

gayuganda said...

A handy 47?

Well, does Hunk throw you around and up and down?...


DeTamble said...

Oh, look and there's another handful I can read into :-)

He might do...try it up against the bamboo...that's different.

And the roofs?

And I only fell off the roof once. And I didn't tell anyone, but out came my 'emergency clothes' to cover those spectacular rib bruises.

Princess said...

Only 47?
There'll be no tossing of me then up roofs or any other....*ahem.

@ GUG: yes, the word IS chilling. :)

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