Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am not Normal


I did think that I was. Just something to remind me of it.

Was it in 2004, or 5, Radio Ssimba was fined 1.5 million UGX for hosting a show talking about gay Ugandans and HIV. What reminds me of that? Why, news from Singapore

Television company fined for making gays look 'normal'

Singapore's City State Regulator has fined a television station £5000 for featuring a gay couple in way that makes them look 'normal.'

Prior to 2003, homosexuals were barred from being employed in "sensitive positions" within the Singapore Civil Service.

Ok, I will continue to insist that I am normal. Who else will shout that for me?



Anonymous said...

Recent statistics: 85% of the world is gay and only 35% know about it.

We're NORMAL!!!!

DeTamble said...

Normal in which sense? I think you are more normal than Princess but less normal than Cheri. And much, much, much more normal than the Communist nutter over there. And what happened to Willow?

Princess said...

*ominous tone

@ GUG: what IS the definition of normal? Is it not subjective? :D

Kitara said...


I'm coming down sometime this year. I want to know where all the Kuchus (also normal people) hang out.

gayuganda said...

Of course we are, normal, WildeY! See, just a few normal people here; you, me, and Kitara.

Hey, Kitara, drop in and you will have the time of your life...

deT, dont tempt me with Willow,

and as for you li'l sis, check out the next post.


DeTamble said...

Hey! Wait a second! Are you somehow suggesting that Princess and I are not normal?!?!?!?!?

Princess said...

A taste of your own medicine,sis?

gayuganda said...

[chuckle, chuckle, chuckle...]

DeTamble said...

Yes, well I was joking. You, see you're being serious! *sulks*

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