Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rough Night

Rough night it was.

Quite a bit of it spent awake. He is sick, and he was running a fever, and I am not a good nurse. And he keeps reminding me that I gave him the flu.


He was ill and couldn’t sleep most of the night. And I was not able to sleep with him hacking and hacking on besides me. And though I know it is only temporary, that he will recover, I could not sleep. Till I remembered that I did have something which could help.

No, I did not remember. I went searching for something, anything. And I got something.

He was able to sleep, after reminding me of how bad a nurse I am. He was contrite, and running a fever, and wrapped himself around me. Slept.

Now I am up. Not feeling very rested after the night.

But the day is beautiful. Golden sunlight on the leaves, green, cool. The song of birds and the knowledge that I am alive. He is sleeping besides me. I know he will be better, but cant help knowing that he is not feeling so good now.

Half of the night I was worried about him. The other half I was furious at 27th. Guess the diatribe did not do much to lift my anger! But when I got up I realized that others had got there before me.

Oh, he will reply, that is the fun of this. But, gloves off, I can do something about that!



Anonymous said...

Colds and flu. 24 hours in bed, with fluids! Nothing else to be done! And remember that for a at least a few days after, you feel depressed and miserable even when you're physically well.
Strange thing, that emotional hangover. Like it's lifting away from the physical, then the emotional, then the mind, like a slowly clearing fog.
But - the good news! - your immune system is now charged for up to another 12 months! Even a fairly major viral variation will be swiftly dealt with from now on!

Carlo said...

Get well soon.
I'm sure you'll deliver it.

the antipop said...

hope he gets better...

gayuganda said...


I will not get any recommendation from him. Nothing for doctoring, nor for nursing. Gosh, why is love so good?

great that flu does not last that long!


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