Thursday, December 11, 2008


Uh, that is what I am.

Totally unrelated to this, but, seems as if human being everywhere have this capacity to act stupid. Very stupid!

My American friends are dealing with the Auction for the Obama senate seat. Seems all things with the Obama monica are selling like hotcake in this depressed world of ours. Closer at home, errrr, the sewage of politics is bubbling with the usual ferocity.

I don’t claim to be very clever, but mate, human beings are stupid! I mean, as a race we have this outstanding ability to realy deceive ourselves. And the way we convince each other of how good we are, our ability to self deceive is realy phenomenal!

Zimbabwe, my, oh my….

Mugabe is with good reason termed Mu-garbage. My mind cringes when I think of what he has done to that once beautiful country. Once upon a time, we thought of him as a sterling example to redeem African pride. He has really drugged us through the sewage. But no more so than this.

Remember the cholera epidemic that has been raging in that Southern African country? Well, the president of the country has declared the epidemic over. For political reasons!!!!

Zimbabwe cholera is over - Mugabe

Breaking News

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has said his government has stopped a cholera outbreak that has killed nearly 800 people in the crisis-hit country.

"I am happy we are being assisted by others and we have arrested cholera," Mr Mugabe said in a speech, despite UN reports of a growing death toll.

He also claimed Western powers were plotting to use cholera as an excuse to invade Zimbabwe and topple him.

"The cholera cause doesn't exist any more," Mr Mugabe said.

Talk of playing Ostrich. By the way, that much maligned bird supposedly does not go into that stupid behaviour. Hiding its head in the sand. Apparently only humans are stupid enough to do it!!

Ha ha ha; right, I am fine.

the beauty of life’s

near invisible without

the ugly interludes to

contrast and laugh at!

(gug, 10 Dec. 08)

Be well, and enjoy the day wherever you are.



Anonymous said...

Mu-garbage?!! haha. That was funny and spot-on at the same time.

Leonard said...

Mugabe is really a insane creep but I must say the potential of deadliness in action extends to Akinola in Nigeria (Massacre of Yelwa and Jos upsets against Muslims) and Orombi in your Uganda...Orombi and Akinola and other religious thugs/thieves actually instigate HATE from Church!

Keep your eye on these boys, they are self-righteous idiots and dangerous as dangerous can be.

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