Friday, October 15, 2010

Ex Gay Charades

Was browsing the web and came across this article.”“Ex-Gay” is Anti-Gay, Disguised as Compassion”

The article is well thought out. And well presented. Tales of wolves dressed in sheep's clothing. So called Christians who will move mountains to hurt people. Just because they believe.

Gay youth do have huge problems growing up in a world that happens to be homophobic. That is a given. But, there are some pretty sophisticated attempts to make sure that they never attain a proper understanding of who and what they are.

But, the situation that they write about is in the US. Suprise, suprise, a similar situation is coming up in Uganda.
Yet, Uganda being Uganda, it is more obvious, more tear jerking. And, the ego and political motivation of the perpetrators of evil is even more obvious.

Back in 2008, one of us, a kuchu, fell into the hands of Pastor Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa. This is always a regretable event. Because, Ssempa's hate of a gay person is so open and violent that you would never wish for one to fall into his hands. Those of us who experience it from afar know that it is terrible.

The guy who fell into Ssempa's hands? George Oundo.

Poor guy. We used to call him Georgina. And, well, in my humble opinion, George is a kuchu. Far as I know. Born, not bred.
Anyway, he falls into Ssempa's hands. Because Ssempa has a charisma that is considerable. He dazzles many with his antics. And, few are the ones mature enough to look past the hate speech, the crocodile tears, the blatant 'come hither' smile and fake compassion that draws youths. He says he has a 'heart for youths'. He has a very political agenda to use them to further his ego.

George Oundo had a chat with Ssempa. Went on to chats, and, he was dazzled. Soon, he was praying hard to turn away from his homosexuality. I met him with books that 'explained everything' as he told me. He thought that he had found salvation. Turned to God. Turned away from the evil of homosexuality. And, found a mentor in Pastor Ssempa.

Now, the people at Exodus will tell you that it takes years, not so?

Pastor Ssempa had George Oundo primed and ready to do his hatchet job within months. Then came the Anti-Homosexuality Seminar that brought Lively and others to Uganda. And, Pastor Ssempa unveiled his weapon of weapons. George Oundo.

He made headlines. A bona fide homosexual. Ugandans had heard of the tribe, but, none had come out to accept that they were.
Oundo reveled in the limelight. He talked about what he had been. And, he talked about what he had become. All in the name of god, of course.

But, Oundo being Oundo, the stories were not enough. Lies to colour and bolster the thin story line were necessary.
The 'Homosexual Agenda' became a reality in his words. He had been a prominent promoter. Now, he was ready to tell all. And, he was given space. On radios, in newspapers. How he went to Nairobi to be trained. How he did 'recruitment'. Curiously, he seemed to have the language of Lively and co down pat.

It became a media frenzy.

And, sadly, George Oundo, finding himself without much to say, leaped onto the chance to 'out' people. All in the name of god. Of course. With the ever gleeful encouragement of the men of god.

Names of prominent people rolled off his tongue. And, the media was titillated. Father Musaala was one of them. And others of course. Yeah, 2009 was a very long first half of the year. I was here. I know. I did live through it.

Yet, it is not Oundo's betrayal which is my subject. Seated to the side of this ex-gay telling all, was none other than Pastor Ssempa. Yes, there were others besides Ssempa. Pastor Male, Pastor Steven Langa, and others. All prominent 'men of god'.

There was a wave of gay people getting 'saved', and confessing to all their misdeeds in the evil time when they were gay. And, always at their sides were the Pastors. Encouraging them to name more names. Yeah, I was named. So was my partner. At rallies, and on fm radios, and on televisions. The stories got juicier and juicier.

Imagine. In dear, deeply homophobic Uganda, ex-gay people were demanded to come out in conferences and religious gatherings to tell all. That, they had been gay. And, they had done horrible things. And, they had been gay with so and so.
I watched one rally on tv. It was Pastor Male then. Brought out these guys before the rally. They were clearly unconfortable. But, the dear Pastor was on rampage. Ready to prove to the world the saving power of his god, and the redeeming power of his love. Sinners, former homosexuals had to confess. And, with much encouragment they did. Before the huge congregation.

Poor condoms. They were used. Thoroughly used. And, dropped to the side.

George Oundo is no longer the face of 'ex-gay Uganda'. Because, he 'backslid', finding the homosexual life too much of a draw. So have many of the others.

Do I pity them? Well, I do have a soft heart. Forged in the fires of Uganda.

But, the question I continue to ask myself is, how merciless are the men of god supposed to be in their fight against homosexuality? They used them, and like condoms, dropped them.

Of course, these guys came in handy in the Pastor Wars. When Pastor Kayanja was accused of being homosexual. And Ssempa, Male and others produced the witnesses. Guys who had gone to them for counselling, and revealed the 'dark side' of Pastor Kayanja.

The police says that the good pastors actually bribed the guys to frame Pastor Kayanja. That is what the police said. Oh yes, this was even more interesting a soap opera because it was real life.

Ex Gay charades? Oh yes.

And, the compassion of pseudo Christians for the lives and well being of homosexuals. Ugh.

Lies were told, and, sanitized and blessed by the men of god. Let aside the 'eat da poo poo', names were named, and, without a thread of evidence, lampooned in the newspapers and everywhere else. Pastor Kayanja was rich enough to take on the anti-gay stampede and slow it to a halt. But, the damage was done.

What of the ex-gays?

From what I hear, George Oundo wants back. But, we are scared of him. He hurt us, in the name of his newly found god of course. But, he did hurt us.
The lies that he told when he knew that they were lies. Don't know what happened to his faith. Don't want to know. His business.

And the others?

This being Uganda, the charades are ongoing. See, Pastor Ssempa is still on his anti-Homosexuality crusade. And, he may not be able to hurt me overtly, but, doesnt mean that he will not try. He still is trying.

And, why, I am still telling this story.



yekereme said...

Now this is a horrific reading.
And sure I had seen the pastor of hate going at it in a documentary, but I had no idea that all this was going on behind it...
I just can't even imagine what a nightmare this must have been.
I admire and love you all.
You are at any rate my heroes.

Matt said...

I want you, and your readers, to know that you aren't alone in this world. All of us continue the fight around the world for the rights of our brothers and sisters in the global community. I live in Canada with a Prime Minister who wanted to repeal the rights of gays to marry as soon as he entered office. The ex-gay movement from the American bible belt (southern states) has opened offices in Canada to spread "the word" from a nation with a better reputation than its own. Continue the fight. Be careful, be cautious, and be safe. Only time will heal the cruel wounds of ex-gay propaganda.

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