Thursday, December 9, 2010

Outing in the worst possible ways.

I have exactly five minutes to write what I am writing.

But, I cannot not write this. It is on my mind, which is seething. I am no speed writer.

Was it two nights ago? At Makerere university, the very university that hosts Ssempa's Makerere Community church, two guys were reportedly found by one, Tamale, and this one decided that they were having gay sex.

So, Tamale made an alarm. And, the guys were beaten up, badly.

Hall security rescued them from the mob of students, which was intent on lynching the guys.

They were taken to the police, where they were arrested. Yes. They were arrested. Suspicion of being gay.

So, they are out on police bond. One is in hospital at the moment.


My ire is up. And, I am boiling. So, did they do something that made them deserve the beating, the outing, the labelling, the arrest and.....

Life is shitty, sometimes

My five minutes are up.



Anonymous said...

I hope the victims will (1) sue the people that attacked them (2) take action against the police for failing to arrest the attackers. Even a pariah state like Uganda has an interest in maintaining peaceful law and order and preventing thugs from beating up people they don't like.

I just saw that "Kill the Gays" Mp interviewed on the Rachel Maddow Show. He failed to answer questions, responded like a robot just repeating the myths and nonsense he's been programmed to believe, he came across as seriously and wilfully misinformed, as having no evidence to back his wild claims, and as a particularly nasty and deluded type of religious zealot.

gayuganda said...

Gosh, anon...

It is virtually impossible to do that.

The police arrested them.... Yes. THey did. Even when they came in with the wounds that the crowd had given them.


As for Bahati. He is as frighteningly ill informed as he seemed. I dont know whether he is worse because he is a fool, or because he believes. Or not....

Leonard said...

Bahati was/is very sad--honest, I think somewhere down in his ¨I love Gays¨ but want to kill them because of the children he thinks are being seduced with millions of American Dollars, inside same sex schools¨ he´s trying hard to do something about a ILLUSION of what HE FEARS IS REAL--my question, why doesn´t he hire hall monitors and campus police to stop ALL these imagined intruders? These lies are very sad for Uganda and Bahati is a terrible representative--very sad all around as the man appears articulate but ignorant--where did he learn how to be so well-spoken but so emotionally twisted? Maybe the ¨C¨ Streeters are running him and ¨he knows not what he does.¨

Anonymous said...

Terrible indeed. All we have to do is keep fighting and never give up. We will, if we keep steadfast, win one day soon. Tough but I am optimistic.

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