Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Right, Wrong.

Who ever thinks that they have the market on what is supposed to be right?

On right and wrong?

Not me, certainly.

Pensive mood. What has brought it about?

Well, my lover is into preparing for a party. Budgeting, crossing out, budgeting again. He wants to talk to me, and I am bored. I simply, honestly cant keep up with all the details. They are beyond my poor brain. I do have my gifts. And, they do not include the details and dedication of preparing for my own party. I would rather let it go. That is sacrilege.... according to him.

Now, here he comes again... asking for my input. My poor input. A yes, a nod of the head.....!

But, truly, I have been having a long walk.

Got off work late. Decided a walk home would be right.

Beautiful country, Uganda. Kampala. Saw the forecast, the lows of 18C predicted. And, indeed, I was feeling a chill to the skin as I walked the roads. Dark, patches of light from security lights here and there. Puddles of water on the roads. Recent rains... maybe.

Some are due to burst pipes, and sewers..., waste water into the street. Have to step carefully.

Not as many vehicles as usual, it is Christmas week. And, I am one of the few who have to work during this holiday time.

I thought about the irony of that, and then saw some street sweepers. Women.

Yep. I couldn't help but feel that my lot in life is much, much better than quite a few others.

I was walking home, to a brightly lit home, partner, TV, a warm meal straight off the stove. They were just starting the job of sweeping the streets of Kampala for another day. Come morning, the filth of the city will be that much less. Not perfectly clean... no, that would be an impossible dream, even in my world of ideals. But, they do a job of it. And, it takes them half the night, if not the whole of it.

My heart did go out to them. It is a soft thing, sways by the vagaries of the lightest of winds.

I do have to remember that I am the product of a very harsh environment. Pity is sheer luxury. And, it is demeaning. Those people that I see, they are survivors. And, they are doing what they can to make sure that they are winners.

So am I. In a way.

But, it does put my concerns in perspective. A harsh light.

The radio waves today have been full of the details (or lack of them), of the latest saga in the Pastor Wars. Frankly, I cannot even follow the twists and turns. I do know that Ssempa, Male and co are having to battle with prosecution. And that they are reveling in the chance to talk more, and more, and more. To smear dear fellow Christian and Pastor Robert Kayanja... the one they accuse of sodomy.

Fact is, from a very human point of view, Ssempa is a very nasty human being. Very. How he comes to be called Christian, me who is a non-Christian find kind of flabbergasting. It may be the charisma. It certainly is not the intelligence, as the 'eat da poo poo' monica has so ably shown. Nor is it from any compassion. This man of god, [I have heard this with my own ears], is in a smear campaign that would do a political campaign justice. See, the media love him. Very quotable. He had run away, but now he is forced back. And this gift continues to give.

What has he been doing? Well, insinuating. Fellow Christian, and Pentecostal Pastor Robert Kayanja is smuggler, thief, sodomite, guilty of bribery.... and other things. Surely....!

But, yes, that is Pastor Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa. A truly nasty human being.

Don't forget that, in this instance, Ssempa is being accused of having actually bribed some people to say that Kayanja sodomised them. Imagine if the Bill had been law. Kayanja would be behind prison doors. Because of the accusations. Guilty, till proven innocent. Because he was accused, and by Martin Ssempa.

Why does he come to my thoughts? Just that, this gentleman believes that he has the blueprint to the lives of others. Oh yes. He is a pretty good politician. And, very bad, exceptionally evil man of god. And, that is from a non-believer.

Do I have the right to order around Ssempa's life?

Certainly not. Why would I want such a burden? I have all I can do to live my very own life. So, I will look at the Muslim-Christian fighting in Nigeria and mourn, the threats against Christians in Pakistan and Iraq with a shake of my head, and rejoice in the fact that Sir Elton John and his partner now have a son. Born on Christmas day from a surrogate mother.

In my own world, I can control a few things. I fail to control many others. And, I have absolutely no control on most that I would wish to control. But, I will be what I am. A human being.

Have a wonderful end to this lovely year.


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Happy New Year to you dear Gug--enjoy the fiesta.

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