Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am a Dreamer

This came to me this morning, when I was going to a workshop. It is true that I am a dreamer. More than I would wish to be. Someone who dreams heaven to earth, who sees good in what is muddy. Yes, my lover will confirm that I am a dreamer.

But then, so is each and every one of us. Human beings. We are dreamers. We do not believe that life will always be what it is at the moment, because then that is the loss of hope in it. We want, we pray, that life will change. That is the reason for hoping. That life will get better, it will improve.

This poem, I dedicated first to my fellow workshop members. But now, I dedicate it to all you dreamers out there. Don’t know who said this, but life is a dream. One day, we will all wake up.

For the time being, I am a dreamer.

(I came across it this morning, and I thought it was incomplete. Sasha, this is to you. Dream and have your dreams fulfilled too, brother.)

I am a dreamer:

please let me dream,

I am only free

on the wing of thought;-

a dream,

please let me dream.

I dream of freedom-

a land fair and fertile.

I dream of love-

love’s embrace warm of me and mine.

I dream a love fountain,

bubbling and chuckling, fountain of life.

I dream of peace and harmony,

and love, one for another.

Freedom. Of the mind and heart and soul;

Freedom to be what I am, what I yearn,

Freedom to dream, and my dreams to build;

Please let me dream.

©GayUganda 15 Nov. 07

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Sasha said...

Hi gug,

Its the God given ability for men to be dreamers. Thats the only reason we have for waking up every morning. Its the hope that we have that tomorrow will be a better day, and the motivation we have to accomplish what we should today!

Dream away!

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