Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To a Friend. Richard Flynn

I know you not brother,

yet you I know my Brother.

Long is life’s precious dream,

yet too short in meetings;

when never do we use our time

in adequacy to know each other.

To you, from us, Kuchus all,

we thank your awesome heart,

that has given with all its heart

of all that it could and had.

Little else do we have

to return from our bounties.

The fertile soil of our heart

blooms from your tender care;

The limpid quickness of our thought

borrows much from what you gave.

Thank you brother, for your large heart,

Thank you for all you’ve us given,

and from the very heart of Africa we breathe

a heart warm, heartfelt thank you.

©GayUganda Nov 2007

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