Tuesday, November 13, 2007



There’s a way, the poet poets;

and the words, the image luls

invicible, standing forever,

in minds of men and angels.

I wonder, I will ever be able,

shade meaning so;

the image stands eternal

in minds of men and angels.

©GayUganda 13 Nov. 07


Anonymous said...

ooooh nice. i like.

Sasha said...

I knew i should have paid more attention to my English classes. Didn't get it :-(

gayuganda said...

Thanks Cindy.

Sasha. I now wish that I had paid more attention in English class. But truth to tell it was all so boring. Seems like my english teachers had an invisible mist of sleep surrounding them. The Mist of Boredom. Infectious. And horrible.

A fact. My appreciation of poetry does not date back to school. I avoided it then!


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