Friday, November 23, 2007

Of Kings, Queens and Protocol

The birds’ morning orchestra,
It’s an early morning thing,
the world to wake from its daze to its senses,
full wakefulness; and the bath of the day’s sunlight.

It seems as if I am also waking from my stupor. This Chogm thing, it has been at my mind’s periphery. Known, but barely noticed.
Interesting things are happening.
Is it true that the Iguru of Bunyoro, the Rukirabasaija of Toro, the Kyabazinga of Toro and the Kabaka of Buganda have been snubbed by the central government?
It is a rumour that is making the rounds. The central government is jealousy of the clout of the traditional leaders. They have an un-exercised political power, which the central government is always wary of. Buganda has been restive over the last few days. Land issues. But this snub was a bit too much. Even I feel it, and the traditionalists are incensed. A ferment of discontent.
A blow to pride is not quickly forgotten. Bad move. See below, and follow the link.

"The Kabaka himself met his Katikkiro (Prime Minister), Ambassador Emmanuel Ssendawula, over the matter and concurred with his cabinet that the invitation by Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa was indeed demeaning.

The invitation is for single entry, which means it doesn’t allow the Kabaka to be accompanied to the dinner by anybody - not even his wife, the (Queen) Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda Luswata, or his Katikkiro.
“These people have no respect for Kabaka, they don’t respect his protocol,” protested a member of the royal family who preferred not to be identified."

Mengo (seat of Buganda) is also disturbed that the central government has deliberately refused to acknowledge that Buganda Kingdom is hosting CHOGM on its territory


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