Friday, November 23, 2007

The Open Space

I cant believe this!
I was not there yesterday. Saw the invitation, but too many things came up to interfere with this.
There is a place in the Commonwealth meeting, CHOGM, a space that is free for people to voice their grievances. The People's Space. And gay Ugandans were there. To do just that.
And apparently, so were the bishops who are promoting their homophobia. It is interesting that these guys have not been having anyone to challenge their hate peddling.

It is hate peddling.

And the problem with Assistant Bishop of Kampala Church of Uganda (Anglican) Diocese, Zac Niringiye; was the fact that Gay Ugandans were taking the chance to be present and to talk. And he faced the wrath of Mr John William Foster from Canada, who was outraged!

Mr John William Foster, a gay from Canada, did not take the comments lightly. He asked Bishop Niringiye why he did not want gays to have rights in their own countries.

"How do you dare say that? In my own Country, I have the right to exist and my church allows me to marry a fellow man. Can you stop it," Mr Foster shouted as other visitors watched.

Bishop Niringiye responded, "It depends on the values of your church. In Uganda, homosexuality is an evil." Other gays could not let the Bishop explain. They came forward in one chorus pointing fingers towards Bishop Niringiye telling him, "We are human beings like you."

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Mr Foster, in Uganda, homosexuality is an evil which means homosexuals do not have the rights of human beings.

Mr Foster, you are my Hero for the Day!!!!!!!!!


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