Thursday, November 15, 2007

Iranian Execution Held

This is a short one.

I am just simply delighted that this execution has been held off.

OK, there is another trial. And then maybe the guy may be killed. And of course the Iranians believe that a person like me should be killed. I am not blowing things up. They believe that because I am gay, (correction, homosexual) I deserve torture and death. Here is that link.

But for now, the guy lives. Ironic. In Uganda, it is 14 years to life imprisonment. It is rarely applied, because it is a stupid law. Yet we are held to ransom because of it. We hate it. We hate the fact that we are considered worth of prison because of what we are.

In Iran, they believe we should be tortured, and killed, by stoning, or hanging. In Saudi Arabia, stoning, or 7,000 lashes.

My thanks to all those who did write in to the Iranians.



gayuganda said...

I understand a pardon was granted to the guy. Great news.

Iran granted a pardon to the young homosexual Makvan Mouloodzadeh

gayuganda said...

A short time ago. A short while ago, he was alive.

Now he is dead.

It was just a tiny reprive, a stay of execution.

News out of Iran, the last gay Iranian, a man of 21 was hanged for sleeping with other guys when he was 13 years of age.

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