Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pet Insurance Yes, Gay Partner Insurance No

This is so hilarious that it must be true! Well, it is, but it is so funny.

(Palm Beach, Florida) After rejecting a proposal earlier this year to provide health benefits to the same-sex domestic partners of its employees Palm Beach Community College has decided to offer workers insurance for their pets.

Seems I will have to ask the forgiveness of the Uganda Government. Apparently, it is true that, well, homosexuals are not human beings! They are below human's pets!!!!!! (Maybe I should add 'straight' human's pets. Dont bash me please friends. I am just trying to take my own medicine and follow something to its apparently logical conclusion!)

Here is a conclusion from someone else.

"The only distinction I can see is one covers human beings in committed relationships, and the other covers animals in committed relationships," said council president Rand Hoch.

Dare I ask my employer in Uganda for insurance to cover my lover? Bad joke, I agree.

But I may have to apologise to Mayanja Nkangi and the others. They are following what is popularly thought to be logical!



Unknown said...

heheeeee hiihiiiii :0)

sorry, i just had to laugh. that's really stupid!! Pet Insurance, just dense!! What I would do - I would get a new pet each week - maybe a gecko or something - no I think a hen's better. Kill it, eat it, and collect on my pet insurance. Just imagine: eating chicken - kikoko - all at a profit. I should apply there for a job.

PS: But I still would not vouch for homo insurance, neither would I go for pet insurance. Stuck in the middle? No, just stuck on an edge.

gayuganda said...


wish I could say that it is funny.

But then, as you say, it is your choice how you display yourself. The rest will watch and admire.


gayuganda said...

Hi Tovi,

I am slow, sorry. Just figured out what I wanted to tell you.

From your name I guess you are a Muganda, or Musoga. Different cultures and attitudes to animals and pets you will understand. In the west (of Uganda), animals, especially cows are highly valued. Much more than the Baganda do the animals. You do not speak lightly of killing a pet cow. Or the prize bull.

In Europe and America, they tend to treasure their pets also. The dogs and cats and turtles ad geckos, etc. Just a different culture, again. But again, not that different from Uganda. So they do insure their pets.

I do love your candour. Ssempa insists that he loves me. I find it refreshing that you are open to telling me that you find me less worthy than an animal. It saves me the time trying to tell you that you hate me. I mean, if I am less than an animal to you, surely you do not doubt that you hate me?

Though again, I thought you attendend Ssempa's Church and not the Mufti's mosque.

Sorry, I was mistaken.


spiralx said...

Most of the reason for pet insurance is practical - medicines & operations can cost! Esp. in the "capitalist West"! And with laws against animal cruelty which are enforced, pets can live well for a long time!

Stanilaus, that "edge" you're sitting on is a fence. And "stuck" is the right word. If your partner (or partner-to-be) fell ill, wouldn't you want to help him/her? It's that simple!

Unknown said...

"wish i could say that is funny" - gug.

I refer you to your original post - "this is hilarious!!" And before you try convincing me how much I hate you - maybe you should read my last lines - I wouldn't vouch for homo rights and neither pet rights (I have dogs!!). If rejecting to vouch for pets and then rejecting to vouch for homos - implies that you are less than an animal - forgive me!!

But I would think otherwise - you were created in God's image; unlike all other animals. Despite what I think (or what you think I think) - facts don't change. You remain above the "animal" level.

Conclusion: ..., I know I LOVE YOU; and you think I HATE YOU. Still doesn't change the fact however much you try to draw all those logical conclusions. So just stop trying to convince me of my HATE for you; you could continue trying - but noooo, you will never convince me that I hate you.

Oh and Spiralx, would I want to help my partner? Yes, even a non-partner!! BUT, you MUST realise: vouching for homo insurance must stem from the fact that they are legally accepted in the state(homo rights) - a state that I have adamantly stood against.

gayuganda said...


for a moment you almost had me shouting like you do on the blog. Had to remind me how being civil affects you. It has a good feel, doesnt it?

Well, you dont hate me. Well, I am not sure, but most of the things that you do show that.

Take the word 'homo'. I dont like it. But you keep calling me a homo.

Now, imagine you are an African American, where Negroes used to be called 'niggers'. And here comes a white man who says 'I dont hate niggers.' How would you take that statement?

Maybe you hate gay people but do not hate homos?

Actually, when I say that you hate me, it is because you guys say that you love me. It is impossible for you to love and hate at the same time. You love me but hate my 'sin'. When I am told this, I remember the words of Mother Teresa. Commonsense words. The gist is that loving someone, one is too occupied to be critical of him. You guys go on demonstrations, and then come back to declare that you love me.

Sincerely that cannot be true?


Unknown said...

i'll take it word for word:

SHOUTING? shiissshhh!! and i thought i was under restraint. everyone says i talk loudly - now you are saying i WRITE loudly. But you do make an interesting observation - I wondered why that chic in secondary never ever replied that letter which i thought would cement our "thing." - damn, and i seriously thought i was being romantic!! OK, so my writing is LOUD, INCONSIDERATE, SHOUTY ... but tell the truth, I don't think I can change it or edit it out - I just write whatever jumps to mind. If I was to edit everything out - I wouldn't be left with a word. Is that why you thought me and FeetXXXL (BigFoot) were shouting in that Bible debate coz we actually weren't. Anyway, point taken: i'm a lousy writer - will try to work on it but no promises!! any tips - apart from SHUT UP!! Wow, all this time, i was shouting and didnt even know it!!!

hmmmm .... and on that homo-gay-negro-nigger thing ... damn you've got me there ... i can't come up with an intelligent response. yes, you have got me tongue-tied!! this is the first response where i say: ... wait, let me think on what to respond ... can't think now coz i have an exam tomorrow, must reserve my brain power ( yes, you will be surprised, i do actually think sometimes and yes, i do have some brain power!!) .... hmmmm .... homo-gay-negro-nigger-theresa-love-hate .... hmmmm ... damn, he's got me ... signing off .... still thinking ... about tomorrow's exam ... hmmmm .... uunnnhh unnnhhhh ... biting off my pen's head ....

gayuganda said...

Lovely Tovi!!!!

Yeah, you kinda write loud. Guess I am just a bit sensitive to nuances in writing.

But you do get the mood over right, if you are loud.
Sorry if I mistook what was going on between you and feetxxxl. Just go ahead, it is interesting. I dont debate religion, for a long time I resented it. But it is still interesting to listen to the back and forth.

Will be glad to hear where your thinking leads...

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