Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ode to Poetry?

Poetry’s versatile medium of expression;

the silly to the serious,

the grave to the light,

nonsensical to philosophy;

what a facile expression’s poetry!

The words turn, upside down in meaning,

and motion realises in static lines,

that reminds, like memory, in amber frozen,

yet still evocative and marching

with the very pulse of life.

I had failed, but no longer,

in the fluid medium of poetry I match,

the prose a vast rumbling ocean behind

led by the cutting edge muse of poetry.

Wonderful is life’s pulsing dream,

caressing the mind in the present,

holding budding promise of the future.

Though even the past’s unforgotten

in this ranging medium,

that the very spectrum of rainbow crosses

from the black absence of light,

to the searing brightness of white.

What a medium poetry is;

truly the language of gods and goddesses!

©GayUganda 28 Nov. 07


spiralx said...

Prose: words in their best order; poetry: the best words in the best
- S. T. Coleridge

...the word "poetry" is often used to mean: how people construct an intelligibility out of the randomness they experience; how people choose what they love; how people integrate loss and gain; how they distort experience by wish and dream; how they perceive and consolidate flashes of harmony; how they (to end a list otherwise endless) achieve what Keats called a "Soul or Intelligence destined to possess the sense of Identity."

Helen Vendler, American poetry critic

gayuganda said...

That is very wonderfully put.

Dunno whether I expressed my awe in the poem itself, but the words of Colerige and Vendler seem to have a gist of what I was feeling writing that.

Thanks Spiralx!

Anonymous said...
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gayuganda said...


You kill joy! Anyone ever told you that you analyse too much?

I know the sun is millions of miles away, I know it has nuclear reactions going on in it. I dont want to think about that when I am basking in its warmth.

Have a heart man!

Anonymous said...
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gayuganda said...


Now you have me curious. What exactly do you mean by that?
I have to admit you make me feel like a flea by an elephant, wondering when this huge clumsy weight will land on my flimsy back! And whether I will survive when you do.


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