Friday, November 23, 2007

The Rainbow Coalition Against Homosexuality

I can believe this. It is very believable, of the character of the person, and the country in which it was uttered, and the place.
Chogm is a very weird space. Some countries are being expelled from the Commonwealth because they are not democratic. Uganda is demonstrating her democratic credentials.
Homosexuals have been allowed to talk. So also the anti-gay brigade. The Inter-Faith Rainbow Coalition Against Homosexuality. Pastor Martin Ssempa. Reputedly an AIDS activist. They are protesting that the Kuchus have been given a space to talk. Everyone in Uganda has rights. Except Gay Ugandans.

Check out what he thinks by following the link.

Pastor Martin Ssempa, an anti-gay activist said: “If Uganda is leading in the fight against HIV/AIDS, it should do the same to fight homosexuality.”
He accused the organisers of the Commonwealth People’s Space at Hotel Africana, for secretly creating a platform for homosexual groups.

The guy is a very good politician. Sooner, rather than later, god is going to ask him to follow political er, orders. I have prophesied.



Unknown said...

This is my clear stand on homos, they will never have a part in the kingdom of God. Hate or reject it, that is the truth.
Why would I watch some failures in life distort the order of life. No way

gayuganda said...

Thanks for you opinion James,

you are welcome.


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