Wednesday, December 12, 2007

To Eshuneutics, the Alchemist

Let the beauty of the morning

rest, a calming blanket

round my turbulent mind.

Listen to the bird song-

pure, undiluted beauty,

feel the sun rise-

in strengthening light around,

taste the cool of morning

in my twitchy nostrils-

bathe in the beauty,

the air around me,

new, renewed of the night,

fresh, embracing my soul.

Day’s breaking,

and life’s returned to earth.



gayuganda said...


I am curious. Why do you keep removing traces of yourself from this blog?

I am a pariah within the Ugandan blogger community. They may read my posts, but you will have noticed that they will not comment!

I dont think that applies to you, but I am curious as to the reason why you are reluctant to leave a post for posterity's sake!


Anonymous said...

You poem is a nice song of hope. I removed comments because I thought they had caused others. That was my only reason.

gayuganda said...


I cant say I was offended by them. I am reasonably thickskined. Or at least I hope I am. Why, someone even left a post calling me a faggot. And it is still there.

And why have you grown thin skinned?

No, you dont have to answer that. You are welcome to comment, wherever.


Anonymous said...

No, no, no :-) Nothing to do with "thin skin". No point in arguing points, arguing for arguing's sake.

gayuganda said...

The Alchemist does not want argument for argument’s sake.

But isn’t that the way that lead is turned to diamond?


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