Friday, April 4, 2008


The sun is westering.

Bright orb of brilliant light too bright to look at. I see it, but soon, very soon, it will be over the horizon. Hidden by the hills of Kampala.

Downtown I am, at the moment. So the hills round town will shade the orb for a time, before darkness closes in fully.

Friday evening. Freedom out there, to party and relax, wind up the week. Will I join in? Will we join in? Maybe.

But for the moment, bars of steel shield me from the freedom of the open air.


Did he win? Unlikely, as finding ice in the Sahara.

Did he lose? Most likely. But now a runoff is mandated, even before the Electoral Commission declares what the results are in Zimbabwe. African democracies can be truly interesting. Apparently, borrowing a leaf from one of my friends, they (ruling party) has already started the campaign. Endorsing its front-man. Taking hostage the media, and reminding all and sundry who ‘brought’ the gift of independence. And that the opposition is ‘homosexual’ and pro-west. Apparently, those two things are synonymous. DeTamble should be able to say something about that, in very colourful language.

For a few minutes, I will be here, then I will be off. Seems like time is coursing faster, with the sun westering. But it is a beautiful time of day, dusk approach, night not far off, the sun an orb, crown jewel over Namirembe hill.

Have a good evening.



The 27th Comrade said...

Oh, if Mugabe wins, everybody will say he cheated. Not if he loses. If he loses, then these were remarkably good elections.

I'm tired of these Westerners. If I shoot you, then we are evil homophobes. If I don't, then there's no news.

Okay, also, I've seen all the responses to my older comments. My God. Will I crawl out of the pit alive? Won't Eshuneutics kill me in there? Hell, no. I'm the revolutionary. And, no, not a hamster!

Okay, I'm going in for the fight. :o) You can pray? Pray, then. (Also, some comment in there really, really shocks me. Someone actually saw me in a taxi! And commented here! It's weird, GUG, very weird.)

Princess said...

But 27th, if Mugabe does win, he WILL have cheated!
And GUG, I'm with you in laughing at a hesitant comrade. :D)
I like the expression, "The sun is westering."

gayuganda said...

I'm tired of these Westerners.

27th, I came across a saying of Einstein's saying, in words similar to this that the bigotry of the unbeliever was as amazing as that of the believer.

You are a case in point.


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