Monday, April 7, 2008


I have been disturbed.

Thoughts playing around, tumultuous in my mind, a sea, an ocean lashed by the wind, on the boil. Why?

Went to one of our ‘beaches’. Went with my lover, and a friend.

Beautiful day. Very beautiful.

Clear skies, blue, wisps of cloud. Hot, sweltering hot by the afternoon and evening. We are due some rain I think. The lake waters were calm, except for the swimmers, and children playing around.

Perfection- sand, sun, water, and a relaxed mood.

Except that we were not relaxed. I was not relaxed.

My friend can listen. Really listen to people, or to some people, I guess. So, when kuchus have relationship problems, they come to him. A Senga, they call him. Kind of agony aunt. He is a firm believer in monogamy, even in our circumstances. I tease him that he is the patron Senga of all kuchus in relationships.

The friend, he was in need of counseling. And my lover listened, and gave advice.

I was not happy. Beautiful day, but felt like a ‘spare tire’. There only for emergencies.

Oh, we do not lack for quality time. Fact is, we do have a lot of time together. The green dragon had reared his head because he was talking to a guy that I knew was kuchu. I was shocked. Wanted to do murder on the beach.

To distract myself, I decided to enjoy some eye candy. Tear my eyes from the two talking.

And I did realize that there were some very beautiful people on the beach.

Some boys decided to play a football game. After playing in the water.

Heaven for a kuchu, heaven on earth.

Rippling, firm muscles. Washboard hard tummys and bulging dancing crotches. They were on the beach, and did not realy care that much. Sportspeople have this seeming lax attitude to their bodies. They are so free when naked it makes me blush.

Time was for blushes.

Me, I was very handily distracted. Too distracted sometimes. Looking at the boys play football, in their miscellany of swim wear.

Forgot the green dragon. Forgot where I was. Stared, a lot.

But it was safe. I am a man, look like a man, and they were playing football. Good masculine game, they would think.

Me, I watched the dancing muscles and seemingly unsupported crotches. Tended not to notice where the ball seemed to be heading. Fact is, at one point, it did break my beer. But that just brought the beautiful bodies closer.

Yes, I perved.

But that did not stop me from complaining later about feeling like a spare wheel. Scary, this thing we call jealousy.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a typical 'gay day' to me! LOL!

Princess said...

You had my eyes popping with those images you were evoking. LOL.

gayuganda said...


that is what I meant that I would watch the boys. I would really watch the boys. Do we see the same things?


Anonymous said...

"Rippling muscles, washboard stomachs.." This is one of the reasons I go to the gym every morning. There! I've said it- I'm a perv. as well :)

Princess said...

No, we don't, GUG. :)
All I'd register is a bunch of half-dressed guys playing a dull game of soccer.
That's why I was laughing...:D)

gayuganda said...

ugh Princess,

how dull!

Princess said...

Dull? LOL.
Bright side: next time, I'll see as you see.

Hmmm, bright side or downside?
With my eyes riveted on....
*Ah, there goes my innocence, fleeing through yonder window!

gayuganda said...


Dunno, will have to give you more clues into the gay mind. Innocence? What is that?


Princess said...

Innocence is the reason why infants drop so instantly into sleep; unplagued as they are by the prickings of conscience and worries and nuances and implications and consequences and as yet unfazed by that feeling of fear...of the unknown. :)

gayuganda said...


someone needs to be cured of innocence!

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