Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of Muse

Poet, Poetess is, and only is

muse’s servant, interpreter;

Horn my ear to listen,

feel the soul of poet, poetess

come pouring out in heartfelt words;

another world, woven around mine,

the entrance the poem, words

that no longer words are

but doorway to muse.

©GayUganda 15 April 2008


Princess said...

I almost always get yours....
But GUG, you never did comment on my poetry...is there a hint somewhere there?

p.s. I do like it.

gayuganda said...


not sure that I didn't not comment. on your poetry. Certainly did.


Princess said...

Oh, really?
Where's the proof?

I don't mean the posts with the poetic interludes btw...I mean the actual poems-

Anonymous said...

“If the poet wants to be a poet, the poet must force the poet to revise. If the poet doesn’t wish to revise, let the poet abandon poetry and take up stamp-collecting or real estate.”

Donald Hall, nominated for the Gay Triangle Poetry Award 2008.

Princess said...

GUG, that anonymous comment smirks of ehsuneutics(that the spelling?), don't you agree?

Princess said...

Damn! Eshuneutics (I think!)
Hate mis-spellings!

gayuganda said...

Hi Princess,

sure, sounds like the man himself. 'bout the comments, afraid it is the same thing. I mean, I would tell you that I like the poem, but dunno why I dont like one, or why I like it for that matter.

Hi anon,
Lady thought you are like a friend of ours.
Anyway, a valid point you raise. But fame and fortune I am not seeking. I write for my pleasure. No, I am no poet. Dont need that recognition.

Besides intimating I need to revise, you did not actually comment on the poem itself...

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