Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sisters, Close your Eyes.

Uhm, I mean deT and Princess. I think them too young to read what I am going to write, but then, at their age the heading is a red banner for them, a must read. Well sisters, you are adults. You read at your own risk.

Woke up early, cosy in bed.

Was with him, wrapped around me. Didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Not for the dawn, nor the new sun, nor anything. Just wrapped myself closer to him.

There is something immensely satisfying in loving someone. On demand, with the lover, time stands still.

So it did this morning, me and him.

I wrapped myself around him, and he wrapped himself around me. Skin to skin. Length to length. We are a height, him and I, and it is supremely erotic to share the same skin feel, the thin sheen of moisture connecting us, making our hearts dance the same rhythm. Felt that I was drowning in the touch, feel, sense, warmth of him. Connected, not different, but one. The same heart beating, the same chest rising and falling, our breaths mingling. Minds in synch.
For a long time we lay like that, shifting now and again to seek a more comfortable position, adjusting a limb here, a limb there, just to fit better, more perfectly together. Not talking. That would have been superfluous. Unnecessary. My skin, my warmth informed his of all that we needed to know of one the other.

Sigh, it had to end. Needed to get out and prepare to come to town. Work calls, and am a wage laborer. My time hired out to the highest bidder. And, I have to honor that obligation.

His niece was in the house, on the way from one relative to another. Seems like a long time that I used to do that kind of visiting. It is holiday time. He is taking advantage of his position in the family as the eldest son. It amuses me. Though he is not completely 'out' to the family, he ‘forgets’ not to call me an endearment when we have company, any of his relatives. He does understand that he is a stigmatized minority, in the community. But in his family, he stands tall and straight, arrogantly claiming his birthright as an African male, with all the privileges of the leader of the pride.

Yesterday had a wonderful surprise.

Got a picture taker, the digital kind. A flurry of point and shooting, I have been doing. So, I send one of my sisters some photos. Including one of his. That was about a week ago. Then she writes back, complaining. She had noticed photos of others, but none of mine. Why? Was I camera shy? If she knew my lover’s contact, she would ask me.

Yes, she is the un-shy one, ready to tease me, and accepting of my sexuality, and family arrangements.

I showed him the e-mail. He took the pictures, and sent them to her. [I refused to read that letter!]

So, she writes back, teasing me, unmercifully. And she writes back to him.

First time that they have really been in contact. The fact that she accepts him, knowing that he is my lover, gives me a good feeling. Family. He is family, and family accepts him. Well, the others do not accept him. They know that he is and we don’t talk about it. But she knows, and accepts him, and is brave enough to write to him!

It is a beautiful day. [Could it be anything but?] Sun is out, a few clouds scattered on a blue sky. No rain, at least today, though may be in the future. Birds in the air, clean bright air. Uh, life is good.



Anonymous said...

*breathing into paper bag* moment.

Damn! GUG...the images that the first half of your post brought are downright unchristian!

DeTamble said...

RED BANNER ALERT! *reads with eager delight!*


I think it's 27th you should warn, not us. He's the one with issues.
I am so jealous of that writing. I wish I could write like that, but I can't, I'm just not quite sweet enough.

Me and Princess accept him too!! If our brother loves him and he is not mean to you then he is good enough for us too.

Hmmm. Is he our Muko? And does he know you have a blog? Do you ever talk about GUG?

gayuganda said...

27th, well I have warned him.

Your brother accepts you too. (Which makes it 7 brothers, you know.)

He knows about the blog. Tolerates it.

About whether he is your muko, I am leaving that to Princess. No Princess, you are not wiggling out of that one this time. Yes, is he your muko??????

WildeY, how do you want me to compare to your escapades, man?


Princess said...

You sure know how to draw a girl in!
"Close our eyes?"
*Incidentally, I have developed selective seeing, that makes everything that you've written utterly innocent...oba?

@ GUG: of course he is my muko! Y'all are practically married, right? [naye, there's Willow also...] :D

spiralx said...

*giggles* So, when do we get to see the really raunchy pix in the underground Kuchu Monthly* then...??

(*Available only in brown paper bags in your favourite kuchu bar on a Saturday night, and only if you kiss the bar-person really really nicely).

gayuganda said...

Hi Spiralx,

I want in on that, where, where, where???

Anonymous said...

Beautiful day, a song by the band U2. need to find that song, me. :-) beautifully written.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Numbers

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