Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Mystery of Love.

We are so different in character, me and my love, that sometimes, many times, I wonder how we have managed to stick together for so long.

Yet we have, and we do love one the other.

I am with Samuel Taylor Coleridge singing with joy; ‘I love my love and my love loves me!’. I wonder how it is possible.

I have been ruminating on a trip, wondering whether it would suit him.

The mystery of love. That is one thing that I cannot be sorry blogging about. (To think that I could have missed it, to remember that, though we love one the other, our actions are abhorrent in the eyes of my society, and criminal in law. That in part is why we fight on, why we want a change, where our love will not be demonised just because we love each other.)

The Mystery of Love

We are different people-

would he be content to stop and look,

rather than, overflowing with energy,

re-arrange everything around him?

I am most at comfort dreaming,

He is most at doing;

decisive, directed, combative,

he whelms all around

with the ceaseless energy his demands,

while I in silence contemplate

the varying shapes of the leaves,

or re-read the cadence of a sonnet:

will he be content with me?

©GayUganda 01 Nov. 07

And yes, I would like to dedicate this to Sasha, who is doing a hilarious search of his own.



Sasha said...

hi GUG,

You are such a romantic it hurts! i've grown fearful of love, i want it, but i fear having it. In fact my biggest hope is that the next man that i get involved with, i do not use those three words until six months are over!!!!!!

gayuganda said...


dont give up. By all accounts it may come like a bolt out of the blue. It may come soon, or late, but hang on.

I believe in few things, but the power of love is one that I do believe in. And know what, I believe in loving first.

How cute that is, I do not know!!!


Anonymous said...

Sasha may find this resourceful.

gayuganda said...

Hi Tetue,

that is a great reference! Liked it.


Anonymous said...

one of my favourite pastors said this whis is so true:

Spiritual maturity isn’t measured by how long you’ve been a Christian, or how much you know, or how often you go to church. Spiritual maturity is measured by the way you treat other people. It’s measured by the love you allow to operate in you. Corinthians tells us that one characteristic of love is that it is not rude. That means, when we are walking in love, we treat other people with courtesy and respect. Are you courteous to other people? Are you kind to the person at the check-out counter that may be moving too slowly for you? Are you gentle when you are driving down the highway and someone cuts you off? Are you patient with your family and coworkers? These are all characteristics of love. The Bible tells us that love is patient. It is kind. It does not envy; it is not proud. It is not rude. Love is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrong. Love never fails. Notice that these characteristics don’t have anything to do with feelings. Love is a choice. You can choose to walk in love toward people even when you don’t feel like it! Make the choice to do what is right. Choose today to show kindness and be courteous to others. Look for ways to cultivate the greatest thing in your life—love! As you do, you’ll move forward into the life of blessing God has in store for you!

gayuganda said...


You have come back all preachy now.

Do you think your favourite preacher was talking about Pastor Ssempa?

Certainly not me!! I am not rude, am I? Certainly not more than I can afford!


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the reference.

Sasha said...

--> Cindy,

Love has many connotations! The love that is mentioned in the Corinthians passage is brotherly love! To treat each other with respect, for the good of the other person.

The Love that GUG is expressing in this post is romantic love, which is very much featured in the book of Songs of Solomon!

Feelings are not evil. They should be embraced because it is God who created them.

Fear not to express what you feel, as GUG has done to his love.

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