Friday, June 20, 2008

A Court Appearance

We were in court today. And something funny happens.

There are two prosecution witnesses. And before the judge, they just did not appear. Even though they are members of the uniformed service, the police. They were unavailable. Absent from duty, if it is to be believed.

So, the judge gave us a date in future. July the 8th. With a threat, case maybe dismissed, otherwise.

My prayer is that, that happens.

At least, for now, we would have had the anti-climax to our not so voluntary adventure. One year in prison, that’s the possible sentence. But a week in our prisons, every second of it is too long. They should not suffer it.



Anonymous said...

But, of course, if witnesses for the DEFENSE didn't appear, the defendants be prosecuted anyway!

Isn't it part of the policemen's job to give courtroom evidence of a crime? If the police were not there, it was because the prosecutors didn't WANT them there.

I expect this postponement will simply mean that the case will be quietly dropped rather than have the obvious injustice of the arrests become part of the public record.

gayuganda said...

I sincerely hope it is so.

I would really want it to be so. But, not until the case is dismissed can my mind really settle...!

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