Sunday, June 29, 2008

Orombi attacks Obama over homosexuals

By Henry Mukasa
and Moses Mulondo

THE Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, His Grace Henry Luke Orombi, is angered by reports that US presidential hopeful Barack Obama will tolerate gay rights just as racial civil rights.

Orombi, currently in Israel, attending the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and pilgrimage to the holy land said “moral racial civil rights” are not comparable to “immoral homosexuality.” Orombi’s remarks follow recent statements by Obama’s wife, Michelle, who said her husband would fight for gay rights just as he fought to help working-class families overcome poverty.

In a statement by his Media Adviser to GAFCON, David Sseppuuya, the archbishop urged Obama, who he described as a fellow African, not to disappoint the continent.

“It is distressing that Barack Obama a fellow African would promote racial civil rights as morally equivalent to immoral civil behaviour. We are Africans and know the difference between moral behaviour and responsibility as opposed to civil rights being compared to homosexuality. Will Barack Obama represent our interests in this matter?” Orombi asked.

Any suprises here? Orombi would rather all gay Africans pay the price for their sexuality according to the law of the country. Life in prison. Or as his colleague the Mufti says, Get an Island on Lake Victoria, and maroon them there. They will die out.

What nice 'Christian' attitudes! Christ would be suprised!

Orombi claims Obama an African. Big deal, so have I. But I wonder how some of these homophobes would take it to know how closely related they are to this homosexual. Oh well, maybe they just keep deluding themselves.



DeTamble said...

Obama is no Africa. Just cause he looks like one (and frankly he doesn't look particularly African at all)doesn't make him one. That man is American through and through and will do nothing for Africa. And nothing for Kenya.

gayuganda said...

Ha ha ha,

deT, spoken like a true westerner. Believe it or not, if Obama went back to Kenya 100 years from now, he could still claim his ancestral rights, as a descendant of his father. And for us, we look at him as African. What is the small thing about his white mother? A detail only!

We are quirky that way...

As for him doing something for Africa, well, as President of the US, Bush has done quite well with PEPFAR. So will he! But you cant stop us from hoping for free Green cards and all the paraphanelia. Tribe, clan, family,, they all mean a lot here!

Part of the reason I claim my right as a Ugandan, who just happens to be gay! Dont want my birth sense of being African trampled on just because I am gay!

Anonymous said...

Coming in abit late to this lil'debate. I'm actually backing DeT on this one- Obama is American.

I know some Kenyans would want to claim him as their own- but he was raised American and considers himself American. He is not Kenyan in any form ( except for his name) and perhaps his African origin. I certainly don't view him as Kenyan.

Sorta like one of my parents who's Kenyan, was raised Kenyan but with Scottish ancestry- we don't consider them in any way, shape or form Scottish. They are as Kenyan as Wangari Maathai.

But you are right GUG... when there's the possibility of green cards, then pfft!!!! I guess Obama=Kenya :)

DeTamble said...

Well said Wilde!

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