Monday, June 30, 2008

To WildeY


another man’s sweat scent

hot, livid, raunchy

to my heightened gay senses;-

a close proximity

that bothers the hell out of me,

but apparently leaves him untouched

by the sumptuous erotic feast he oozes.

(c)GayUganda 30 Jun. 2008


Anonymous said...

Oh my! you caught me out gug :) I have been MIA for a while... loads of distractions. But I'll be back in a while and boy, have I got a story for you concerning the above verse....

Princess said...

Is Willowy part of this verse's inspiration?

gayuganda said...

Will be waiting WildeY!

Princess, no, it wasnt. Will not tell you who was!

[grumble, grumble] is it so visibly 'inspired' by someone? I mean, I could have woken up and written it, just. Couldnt I?

Anonymous said...

Are senses gay?

The dare-devil said...

Definately inspired. You wouldn't be grumbling otherwise would you?

Princess said...

@ gug: nope! you couldn't have! :D
@ Dusk: he's always grumbling!

gayuganda said...

[grumble, gr..!!!!!]

now am not even going to be allowed to grumble in peace! [aggrieved]

Gay senses anon? [puzzled] Aren't they? Ever heard of non-sense verse?

Anonymous said...

Nonsense or non-sense?

DeTamble said...

Oh man. Now all I can think of is being covered in the sweat, anyway, nice poem. And yeah, you got inspired. Grumble away slag.

gayuganda said...

deT, whose sweat??

and slag or slug?

DeTamble said...

Slag. Definitely slag.

Samson's sweat. *takes a deep shuddering breath* Samson. The only boy who ever read my favourite book.

[whispering, the car giver]

gayuganda said...

Slut. [nicely]

DeTamble said...

If only you were bi, you'd probably be able to think of a whole lot of other names for me then.

gayuganda said...


my very forward, very frank Aussie sis! If I was bi, I would be in my closet. Safe...

Do you think they understand?

DeTamble said...

Still in your closet? Not even half outside?

And it depends who you are talking about as to who understands. If you mean those silly Ugandan leaders and others won't understand...won't understand what? Australian frankness? Ugandan sexuality? Your closet? Are there furs in your closet? Or silks or velvets?

gayuganda said...

I have lined my closet with silks and velvets of course.

That is why I crow so nicely,,,

lets drop this, else I will say what you wouldnt like revealed more openly, my Aussie sis.
Artless, I think that is the word. I dont think I have met anyone as free of deceit as you. Maybe it is just because in my day to day life I have to watch almost everything I do and say!

DeTamble said...

I have velvet and silk in my closet, but that would be my real closet not my proverbial one.

Yeah, keep my secrets.

Artless, Escape Of The Artful Dodger. I can't decided whether to be extremely insulted or be amused.

Well never mind, so long as you see me as open and free of deceit. It's easier to hide behind openness.

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