Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Madness from Ssempa??

Ugandan Aids Actors threatens to drag UNAIDS in court

Ugandan Religious clergies have threaten to drag UNAIDS into courts of laws if they do not openly apologise for the recent saga that involved homosexuals( Pro gay activists) during the implementers meeting on HIV/AIDS in kampala.The suspects where held by the police and detained for their wrongful demonstration promoting the illegal activity in the country. A senior HIV/AIDS expert from UNAIDS by the names of Dr. Michel Sibide the deputy executive director of UNAIDS advocated for the release of these suspects which annoyed the Faith based organisation officials and other church leaders. ''That activity was void and illegal'' said Pastor Ssempa. “In fact we need a formal apology from Dr. Sibide and his group for their continued support towards immoral activities. Uganda is a holy nation and it must be preserved by the business of supporting activites that degeneralise our nation MUST stop.” Reverend Kamya Paul of Namirembe Christian Fellowship. The suspects who where arrested included Pepe Juliana Onzema,Usaam Mukwaya and Valantini Katende. Under normal circumstances these people had to face life imprisonment under the ''unnatural offences'' in section 140 of penal code. Reverend Canon Gideon Byamugisha an aids activist also condemned UNAIDS for their continued support of activities that does not help the country instead of suppporting programmes of positive changes.


Though I must say Canon Gideon's words are being taken out of contest, and the meaning changed. Or reversed, I must say.

Was Ssempa taken out of contest too? But it sounds suspiciously like something that he would say. And he claims to have an MPH and to be an AIDS activist!



Anonymous said...

"Under normal circumstances these people had to face life imprisonment under the ''unnatural offences'' in section 140 of penal code."

I presume they mean the 'unnatural offence' of entering the conference venue uninvited..

These people seem to be missing the point here. The support that was given was not for homosexual activity per se. The support was for the inclusion of homosexual people in designing strategies against HIV, because whether the Ssempas like it or not, gays are a part of the society, and being sexually active, their health impacts on society as a whole. It is irrelevant that people disapprove of homosexuality. Ignoring homosexuals in anti HIV programmes is a luxury that Uganda and Africa cannot afford.

spiralx said...

Uganda a "holy nation"! Big laugh of the day! Far from - like every other nation!

And yes they're missing the point -mainly because they're trying to hijack the affair for their own political (not religious) agenda.

The "homophobia scale" questionnaire, by the way, can be found here:

gayuganda said...

they are not missing the point. I think the Americans call it spin. They are trying to divert the attention from what was said, to another thing.

Like friend Kimbowa. Nothing is justified, because I am a homosexual. Period. No deviation from that thinking fog.

Spiralx, you want me to take that homophobia scale questionnaire? Or should we ask Kimbowa and bind him to tell us what he scores?

Me, I will not take it. I know I am a homophobe. Dont need to prove it with some fangled scale or other!

Anonymous said...


Every time I read your blog (just about daily) I keep asking myself: Why would any rational, decent, humane, educated person want to STAY in Uganda?

From what I keep reading, it seems to me that almost anywhere else would be an improvement! (except, of course, Nigeria, or Zimbabwe, or Gambia, or.....well, now I see why you stay..)

What's with Africa?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it- is distributing leaflets now considered a 'homosexual act' in Uganda? Good God! My neighbour's gay then!

gayuganda said...

Hi Bolton,

ha, this is certainly not bedside reading stuff!

why do I stay?

Dunno. the simple answer is that it is home.
Life, especially in Africa, life is a very tough, rough spot. Yes, I do want it to be better, but I just cannot shut out the ugly, even when I see beauty. And to see well, I have to see the tough with the easy.

Why do I stay? Because it is home, and because, despite the ugly bits, it is still beautiful.
Difficult to explain, but hope you understand.

You know, when at first the Police Spokesman was asked about the arrests, he was quoted by AFP as saying that these people were promoting homosexuality, and that they were now being investigated and they would have life imprisonment. All that for distributing leaflets. And that was before the uproar began. In Uganda, something has come over the govt. The law is being used as a bludgeon for anyone who does not toe the official line. And it can be tough. Very tough.
Part of the reason I rail against Kimbowa when he insists the law was broken. Like in Orwell's 'Animal Farm', the law seems to be a means of punishing dissent. And we are a dissenting minority!


Princess said...

"Holy nation" indeed! He is trying valiantly to set us apart?
It is stupid to try and force a narrow-mindset on the populace.
Why can he not see that?

Anonymous said...

God save us from these people.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry. I realise that may be misunderstood.

By "these people" I mean men like Sempa.

gayuganda said...

Eh Princess,

I must say they are quite serious. About a year ago, (was it?) Patience Museveni, first daughter, was 'branding' Kampala as the City of God, wasnt it?


welcome. No, God is not that er, kind...

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