Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Beautiful Quotes from the Telegraph announcement

“Anglican church schism declared over homosexuality

“Hardline church leaders have formally declared the end of the worldwide Anglican communion, saying they could no longer be associated with liberals who tolerate homosexual clergy.”

“They warned that the church is gripped by its most serious crisis since the Reformation, and could only be saved by the repentance of the Americans who triggered the row by ordaining an openly homosexual bishop, the Rt Rev Gene Robinson, five years ago.
“It is supported by the heads of key African churches including Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda, who represent almost half of Anglican worshippers.”

“We earnestly desire the healing of our beloved Communion, but not at the cost of re-writing the Bible to accommodate the latest cultural trend.
“We have arrived at a crossroads; it is, for us, the moment of truth.’’

He referred to the Lambeth Conference, the once-a-decade gathering of Anglican bishops which takes place next month, as effectively a lame duck event because he and other “orthodox” bishops will not attend.

The final section of the booklet, titled “Our Journey Into The Future’’, “We see a parallel between contemporary events and events in England in the sixteenth century,’’ he wrote.

“Now, after five centuries, a new fork in the road is appearing.”

Next week about 1,000 senior conservative figures, including Archbishop Akinola and other African and South American leaders, will meet in Jerusalem to discuss the way forward at Gafcon.

And, the best quote of all, my favorite in the whole article is

“The city’s annual gay parade is due to take place at the same time. "

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Anonymous said...

*The city’s annual gay parade is due to take place at the same time*

Ha ha ha! Oh gug you so know that some of these clergymen will go sneaking off to check out the hunks. I'm thinking, 'defrocking the priest'. LOL!

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