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Demonised? Are these 'truths' true?

I was not happy about the last post. Course I picked it from the Monitor newspaper. But this article which was in the same sheet infuriated me. Because, as a gay youth, one of the things that will usually happen is that you will seek to understand yourself. And these are the people we go to for help, and this is how they mess us up.

If you are gay, and Ugandan, please, know that you are ok. This bullshit from 'experts' is not the truth. In fact these are far from the reality as it is. In 1973, the American Psychiatrists Association removed Homosexuality from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual. In their view, homosexuality was not a disease. And it has not been a disease. In 1994, the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10) The Royal College of Psychiatrists viewpoint is the same.
Kimbowa, and typically Ssempa, rubbish these facts by claiming that the people so involved are 'closeted homosexuals' themselves. But, take it or leave it, these are experts. And if the hell you want any unbiased discussion of these things, check out the Wikipedia article on Homosexuality.

Hell, that is a rant, and I am glad I am giving it. These 'experts' gave their opinion in the Monitor on 21 June 2008. It is not expert opinion. I am just a plain homosexual, a Ugandan, who has lived my life as a homosexual, and dared to search for the truth about my sexuality, wading through the mud of this kind of mis-information and untruths. It is that. Mis-information, untruths, failure to understand the difference between me as a homosexual, my sexuality, and the problems that I may have because of this kind of persecution.

I am gay. A homosexual. I am not sick because I am gay. I am just what I was made, a gay man.

And here is the article from the 'experts' that I am ranting about.

Uganda: Sodomy, the Untold Story in Boarding Schools

The Monitor (Kampala)

21 June 2008

Posted to the web 20 June 2008

Rodney Muhumuza


A child counsellor has claimed that sodomy in boarding primary schools is "the untold story". Mr Denis Odoi, of World Vision Uganda, said on Thursday that his interactions with several sodomised children have led him to believe that "boarding primary schools are very, very dangerous".

"I would not advise any parent to take his or her child to boarding primary schools that are single sex," Mr Odoi said on Thursday, reacting to reports that sodomy is thriving in secondary schools.

"I don't have the figures, but what I can say is that there are so many cases that if the actual research is done, the results would be staggering."

According to Mr Odoi, "some primary schools have come to me" to counsel the abused children in their care. Although Mr Odoi said older pupils may have been responsible for sexually assaulting the children he counselled, his stunning revelation did not explain whether the alleged acts of sodomy were actually performed by people other than the older pupils. Mr Odoi declined to mention his clients or the specific cases he has dealt with.

Experts say the health risks involved in sodomy, especially where the victims are pre-teenage children, are immense.

"Physical damage is more common in young people because of the size involved," said Dr Vincent Karuhanga, a private medical practitioner in Kampala.

"It is easier that way to catch sexually-transmitted diseases, including HIV/Aids," he said. "The anal sphincter becomes loose. Once the anal sphincter is damaged, it is irreversible."

Still, according to Dr Karuhanga, who says he has dealt with sodomy cases, "guilt and loss of self esteem" are most prominent traits exhibited by victims. Habit formation takes place during puberty, leaving sodomised children highly likely to become homosexuals for life, experts say.

A child develops a "sexual value system" around the age of 13, when most children are joining secondary school, said Mr Paul Nyende, a Makerere community psychologist. Sodomised children, he said, are likely to "revenge" on the next generation so as to pass on the guilt.

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spiralx said...

It's a peculiar mixture of a little truth mixed with some big lies, isn't it.

Anal sphincters don't "become loose" or "stay damaged for life", as far as I know!

But he's right about the psychological damage that rape (not necessarily sodomy) can do to children (or anyone. The way he puts it is rubbish-speak, though. Focussing on children is pure rabble-rousing.

My mother refused to send me & my brother to anything but a mixed-gender school, because she felt (as I do) that you lose essential social/gender interaction when growing up otherwise. So I wouldn't send my kids to one - though I know several guys who coped well and are now mature and capable men. (Interestingly, though, two I can think of are in their thirties and not yet married...).

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