Thursday, June 26, 2008

Season of Winds

It’s the season of winds

blowing from, the general

direction of the lake,

whirring and whipping the

trees, branches and leaves

in all directions.

the season of winds,

nary a cloud in the skies,

horizon to horizon-

the sun a blinding burning blaze

through its long course of day;

not a cloud to shade it,

all picked up, wind whipped from the skies.

A season of winds, the skies a high pale blue,

an arid desert waste, the clouds oases,

few and far between-

a season of winds, now a caress;

a rough tumble, a rake through

the tree leaves, that no rest know

the higher they perch on the proud trees,

a season of winds, no fog, mist or smog

in Kampala’s drying hollows and valleys-

maybe the soon to be abundant red dust,

loosened by numerous feet, drying sun-

A season of winds, dry

caresses the city Kampala.

©GayUganda 26 June 2008


The dare-devil said...

Socks! Boots! and all the extras. Now let me go read again..........

The dare-devil said...

Beautiful. Just looking out my window and seeing it

Princess said...

GUG, I suppose you is still blushing away at the compliment...
May I add that I agree with Dusk? :)

gayuganda said...


do I blush at compliments? I will strain to see... Sometimes this dark skin is not so good!

thanks Dusk, Princess. Glad you like it.

Was standing in the doorway at home, early morning, and just started writing it. Seems such a contrast to the rain of a few months ago!

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