Monday, June 2, 2008

A poem speaks to me.

The why of it I do not know, but a poem does speak to me. Soft the words may be, or hard, flint hard, steel tough, but they still do speak. It is not the bare bone meaning of the words. No.


They seem a new meaning to take, with every poem. A new meaning to embrace, with every poet. Then the deftness of the weave, the song, the cry, the emotion that somehow, somewhere is kept, preserved.

When I read, that is when it is opened. And in my mind the song flows. A song eternal, trapped in a few beautiful words. Words written so long ago I may not know when, in such a gone culture I know not what it was, nor was it ever mine.

But these words, they speak.

In my mind, they are seed. A gem, a sparkling, seed of hope dropping on fertile ground to open into a shoot, a plant, a flower in the twinkle of the mind.

How do they speak?

Somehow, the words are living. Some essence of life is trapped and released to freedom in my mind. And I share, one with the poet, poetess. A mystery I will ever wonder at. Marvel, transfixed.


Words that never grow old, though the speech is lost, the accent arcane, the people long turned to atoms on the wind. These words still stand.

They reach, across continents, cultures, worlds, peoples. And some essence of life still have to ignite in minds.

Oh, poetry, poetry, poetry.

What a beautiful living song you sing in my mind! What a fascinating mystery of living you have turned out to be!



spiralx said...

Such a weak and obvious threadbare excuse. Gay people are not only one of the smallest groups in any country, but are organised enough to handle their own outreach program - were they given the option.

No different to Reagonite America in the Eighties, really. And just like then, the Ugandan gay groups that exist need to start sorting out their own funding and priorities.

gayuganda said...

Guess that should have been on the next post. I agree. But hell, isnt it a foot in the mouth!

Imagine, this is the guy who is entrusted with guiding Uganda's HIV programmes!

spiralx said...

No worse, I guess, than Jacob Zuma (SA's next prezzie) firmly convinced that having a shower after sex washes off the HIV.

Though that's miles better than the one about raping a virgin. *sigh*

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