Friday, June 6, 2008

Court today

Yes, court it is.

They slept in prison cells. Jinja Road Police Station. And today they are to appear in Buganda Road Court to be charged with 'Trespass'.

Not 'Criminal Trespass' though I dont know the difference!

Possibly, (if the police dont insist they are still doing their investigations), they will be bailed out. And they will be free.

Oh, it is very important. The timing.

Police cells, yes. Probably ok. But a weekend (and a long weekend, 9th is a public holiday) in Luzira is not something that I am contemplating.

Hopefully, just hopefully they will be out today.

Fingers crossed, tight, behind my back. [they do hurt]


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spiralx said...

Not "criminal" I believe because the conference organisers backdated their registration for the conference.

In that case, of course, they weren't trespassing at all, though we will see what the magistrate(s) decide when their case comes before the court.

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