Monday, June 30, 2008

Impatient; Is this Schism or not?

Oh,I am sorry. Just getting fed up with this continual talk. Would like the sheep separated from the wolves. Want the enemy clearly defined.

When they talk of Church within a church, it is kind of not clear. Want to know who and where the enemy is. So, is this schism or not? See below.

Conservative Anglicans form breakaway church in revolution led from the south

· New Hampshire's gay bishop was turning point
· Move marks power shift to developing countries

Oh, after they have made up their minds, we will know who are friends and who are the enemies.

I liked this quote from the article. Very enlightening, by the way. "There has been no response from Williams or Lambeth Palace, in spite of the abuse hurled at him, his office and supporters."

The battle lines are drawn, arent they?


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