Monday, September 15, 2008


Everywhere I look, all around me;

my world looks sick,

a huge, bleeding, oozing, weeping wound.

Try, let the healing love leak

from you, from me, where I am, where you are.

Do not, underestimate, your power dude-

you are a healing presence;

let the power your love leach

a little at a time, all round you, where you are.

You’ll be healed and

our world will be a better place

for the smile on your face;

You are a healing presence.

©GayUganda 14 Sept. 08


Princess said...

And strangely, in accord with what I am feeling right now...

DeTamble said...


gayuganda said...

Glad I can make you smile at least...

Has been kind of a while, and I was getting worried.

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