Friday, September 19, 2008


the wash of unwashed bodies-

[stop, that is offensive;

this is not],

the high aroma, pheromones, stink of sweat-

the many young men, blend of aphrodisiac

that has my brain swimming,

thought limited to the dickhead-

though my eyes have already re-learnt

the furtive almost looking but not quite so sweep

that brings me the eye candy, mixed with the nose;

cauldron of sexual frustration…!

©GayUganda 18 September 2008


Princess said...

Err, cannot relate to the very powerfl imagery used here.
But I do acquiesce that it IS powerful. :-)

gayuganda said...

ha ha ha ha Sis

thanks. For a great morning laugh!

Leonard said...

I caught the drift (but then it's hurricane season)

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