Monday, September 22, 2008

Misguided Priorities

A Sunday Thought. Yes, I also believe this letter deserved attention. And not for mentioning homosexuals.

Churches are mum about Karamoja!

Wednesday, 17th September, 2008

EDITOR I am intrigued by the hypocritical silence of religious institutions regarding the crisis in Karamoja! I stand to be corrected but I have not heard a single voice regarding the suffering that has dehumanised our brothers and sisters in Karamoja.

When the land bill was being discussed, a bishop from one of the religious bodies came out strongly condemning the mistreatment of Buganda. it could lead to turmoil, he ventured. Enter Karamoja and all are quiet. Anyone remember the parable of the good Samaritan?

What is interesting is that the church especially took particular exception on the question of homosexuality. I do not support homosexuality at all but my point is that we have an equally critical problem when our brothers are starving to death when we can afford at least three square meals a day.

Our muslim brothers should also do something. Do all religions preach about all being the children of God? Are the Karimojong any less than we are? Isnt it time we stood up for them! Shame! Shame! Shame!

The hypocrisy is deafening! Preaching about it being better give than to receive! Are we giving? parliament should declare a state of emergency in Karamoja! But they are all pretending to be saving this nation. What hogwash!

All part of the grand conspiracy, what in their well cut-out suits, fat allowances ad nauseum! While these great people waste away before our very eyes and we call ourselves a nation! Pity. Karamoja should be declared a disaster area. They badly need food and medicine.

The religious and civic organisations should mobilise where we (potential Samaritans) can donate items, including money for the Karimojong. It is time for us to be donors to our own brothers, our brothers keepers.

Any mass action like this must be regulated by government to avoid any mistrust but it should be tailored to avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy

Wake up people! We can make a change. It is time to stoke the fires of nationalism. We can bring hope to these people as a stopgap measure while government and other stakeholders design long-term solutions for the troubled region.

We have little time. If we all fasted for one day and handed the proceeds to our brothers, just imagine the fire that we would have lit in an attempt to unite a polarised nation!

Lloyd Ocorobiya

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