Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uganda the Beautiful

In Uganda the Beautiful,

it’s the fresh beauty of spring

and golden heat of summer

all through the year;

knowing not the harshness of winter,

nor its great gray strangeness

but touching all the rainbow shades

of sunny lovely weather.

©GayUganda 11 September 2008


Unknown said...

eat the socks y'all!
@GUG: simply puissant.

Princess said...

Hmm.Why the foreign references to describe UG, huh?

gayuganda said...

Hi Princess,

why? Because that is what I felt like writing. Because that is how I felt like describing this tiny little bit of earth we call home.

You know what, I dislike ‘purism’, the political correctness tying down what I am. I am an African, and a Ugandan. But because I am gay, some would say that I am not African enough. But, [and no, don’t take this like I am criticizing you], if I write a poem about Uganda’s beauty in language about spring and summer and winter, then the foreign influences would be questioned.

Not only by you. Some seem to want to decide what and how and why I should write. Well, screw them.

I am a human being. And I take my rebel stubbornness further. Why should I identify as anything, apart from what I want to be? What is foreign? I am a citizen of the world. I may never have experienced a northern winter, that does not mean that I will not write about it. Ever thought of ‘political correctness’ as another kind of shackles on your expression? Well, I do. And, since it is my mind and brains there, I can cheerfully thumb my nose at anyone who says different. It is, after all, my mind and brains!

Now, you didn’t want this to turn into a post, did you?

Princess said...

Good answer, LOL.
I managed to hit a soft spot, huh? Wasn't criticising you though. It had occured to me that when I was at home, I, too, would write of spring and winter etc. They would express my emotion aptly or so I felt. But now, when I feel the odd pangs of poetry, I want to write of heat and dust and crowds, the pure intensity that comes from life that isn't quite so easy...
Thriving, growth, potential. :-)
Ah, the irony!
That's why I asked. I wanted to know what your reason would be.

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