Monday, September 15, 2008

Ssempa rewarded for anti-gay crusade

Sunday, 14th September, 2008

By Joyce Namutebi

DR. Martin Ssempa, a pastor at Makerere Community Church, has received an award for his fight against homosexuality.

Ssempa and his wife Tracey received the plague from Apostle Alex Mitala, the overseer of the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches in Uganda.

This was during the “Great Marriage Celebration” organised by the National Association of Marriage Enhancement in conjunction with the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda at Nakivubo Stadium over the weekend.

Mitala led hundreds of couples who converged at the stadium from various parts of the country into a prayer for Ssempa to continue being the torch-bearer in the fight against the vice in Uganda.

“You are not fighting alone. We are with you,” Mitala said.

He said homosexuality was one way of making the world extinct.

“When men marry each other and women marry women, clans and tribes become extinct,” Mitala noted.

Bishop Michael Mugerwa, the organiser of the celebrations, urged couples to continue the fight against homosexuality, saying marriage was made for man and woman.

Ssempa thanked the Christians for standing by him and said he was encouraged by their support to continue with his campaign.

He proposed the establishment of a national marriage alliance to counter homosexuality.

Ssempa said the alliance would also discuss problems concerning marriage in Uganda.

Dr. Joseph Serwadda, the patron of Churches in Communities, asked the Government to consider declaring a national day for married people.

Pr. Robert Kayanja of Lubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral urged husbands to listen to their wives, saying that God can use them to bring blessings in their families.


Princess said...

Why do I feel the sudden need to spit?!

Leonard said...

Oh, I don't know, the National Marriage Day is quite a fascinating concept when you think of all the possible combinations of pedigree...let's see now, will mixed race couples be accepted? How about mixed religious sorts? Then, of course, there will be those that are transgendered and the odd couple here and there to fret about foreign born importers of impurities? So many thoughts, divorced/remarried, Roman Catholic/Jew? Oh, me oh my what is a Gayboy to do?


Nations' Conqueror said...

This is GREAT NEWS!!! Finally the World has awarded Dr. Martin and Tracey Ssempa, and Makerere Community Church!!!! Wow! more than 95% of Ugandans have longed for this. On each of the're hearts, minds, thoughts and Faces, its very clear. the don't want to be a homosexual community!!

Princess, I've read your profile. you're a young person who claims to love gospel_everythihng. I wonder what happened to you. was it that some one recruited you into this wicked pervasion (LGTB). I urge to come back home, to the ways of GOD!

National Association of Marriage Enhancement- NAME. keep it up.

Kaaront said...

Bravo Dr, Martin Ssempa, finally we have the voice of us all-99% ugandans rewarded. This i take as a national award for all Ugandans. We need to get stronger and join forces with Dr. Martin and fight against the epidemic of Homosexuality.

Dr. Martin, we are inspired, we are very much proud of you, we shall continue to support you and just be strong, we shall, we will and we must win.

For the Gays, do not be like balloons that when blown in air, they go up in the air as if they will not come back. And finally when they come back, the air is blown out immediately. Please come back home, come back and enjoy yourselves, you were not born like that. Come back home, we are ready to receive you, we love you and we want you back.

Thanks to the solidarity of Christians in Uganda, we however need to come out more often to fight such evil, and not wait to be thrown in a lion's den before we can come out.

Princess said...

@ primetimemuk: You misunderstand the reasons for my digust.
I work from the premise that Christianity is about love. God is love.When Christians begin to alienate and discriminate, on the basis of a perversion of 'love', I cannot take part.
And my youth has nothing to do with my stand on this issue. I asked questions, sought my own answers. I was not 'recruited' as you so succinctly put it.
You need to check your premises too. Are all your beliefs truly consistent?

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Princess!

I am only reminded of something someone once said: "The first shall be last and the last first".

And then think of the tiny handful of Jerusalem Christians (about 120, I think) who took on the whole Roman world -- and won!

We will, too, one day, and Ssempsa will not be in the victory parade!

Anonymous said...

*“When men marry each other and women marry women, clans and tribes become extinct,” *

Please tell me the person saying this is you know of above-average intelligence or even average....

Seriously? WTF?

gayuganda said...

Hi Princess,

I salute you! On your response. Saw it, and decided not to interfere. Knew you would do justice...

Anyway, from my reading of the post, I thought the writer was most likely male, [the effortless arrogance you accuse me of], and a bit gone in age, from his attacking your age.

So, I went ahead and, checked him out..., after your response indeed [pained look]

I believe PrimeTimeMUK and dear Aaron Timothy are one and the same person.

I may be wrong, I am sure, but the gentleman is not as old as he seems, though he has finished university, in his quotes that 'den of perversion'

Why do people who are forced by ideals have no sex try to convince others that sex is bad? I am no psychologist.

Aaron is one of Ssempa's as you can guess. And mate, though he is a more polished version of Kimbowa, there is little to choose between the two...

And he blogs a Ssempa fan blog, the Martin Ssempa news...

And, of course Princess, where it matters, you are in the golden league. Not when you can think and ask questions, and figure out things for yourself! I will not dare mention where he is.

(the writer from Prime time seems a bit less polished, so, different?]

anyway, now that i have been so bitchy to my visitors, I will graciously welcome them.

PrimeTime, Aaron, you are welcome, you sexually pure poor things. You are welcome.

Anonymous said... crack me up!


But why are supposedly straight and 'pure' souls so concerned with my sexuality and all that pertains to it, but most especially sex...(they know me so well?) If they want I could provide them with a history of my erm... unpure, unnatural acts. I don't mind, honest! :)

Anonymous said...

this is great news.....go pastor GO

Anonymous said...

he deserves this....i love pastor martin.

spiralx said...

Ssempa deserves what he gets, I guess - awards from his sycophants and devotees; hostility from the more politically aware who can see what he's up to; and a mixture of amusement and contempt from those who know better than he about his chosen subject(s).

I'm not going to bother commenting on Prime Time Muck's diatribe, or aaron timothy's earnest dimwit piece. Whether they're the same person or not, they're obviously equally bigoted, and equally ignorant.

As for "anonymous" and "martha", well, thank you for the posts! Their naive simplicity at least made me smile at the end of a hard working day!

Anonymous said...

If only we had 10 Sempas in Uganda, it surely would be a better country!!

Am happy for him, give credit where its due!!

Thumbs up to Pastor Martin, his church and all Ugandans who won't embrace immorality!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it is always good to give credit were it is due. Thumbs up for Dr. Martin SSempa & his wife, those two are really God`s servants in the fight against homosexuality.


gayuganda said...


I so totally agree here. Princess, I am afraid you are a minority here. Dr Ssempa so deserves this accolade from the good christians of Uganda. For his leadership in the fight against homosexuality.
He has been inspirational.
He has been articulate.
He has been fantastic.
He has been, so, so good, I fail to see how you think him pathetic!

See, he loves homosexuals so much he believes that homosexuals should get HIV. Of course, they should. Why should the govt be so silly as to prevent HIV amongst homosexuals? They should get HIV or stop their illegal, ungodly, immoral acts, says the man of god.

He has managed to get the whole country behind him in the fight against the deadly menace of homosexuality. Isnt that fantastic?

He has rallied the country against homosexual marriage [gasp, where these homosexuals thinking of marriage? God forbid!]

He has helped the country forget the problems of famine in Karamoja, corruption in government, the NSSF saga, and so many other things which waste the time of our dear country men. They should all pour their strength in the fight against homosexuals.

He has managed to convince Makerere university, that den of perverts, to ban miniskirts and establish a dress code.

Now he has a new project, NAME, or is that only for PrimeTimeMUK? He inspires Aaron to love homosexuals like me. Gives various anonymous people such joy in his inspirational leadership, Martha loves him, Agogong prays for 10 more Ssempas.

Wow, what would Uganda be without such a great man of god?

And you poor homosexuals, you should be happy. To be loved by such a great man is such an achievement. See the many awards that he is earning?

He is the spokesperson for the Interfaith Rainbow Coalition against Homosexuals and Homosexuality, including Mufti Mubajje who wants me on an island on Lake Victoria until death. He is so in love with us homosexuals that he will join the Tablic anti-gay squads as they go house to house and sniff out homosexuals, to rid holy Uganda of this crime against the humanity of Ugandans.

He is so good that I bet all the guys and girls who dared to seek out and write here are all members of the Makerere University Community Church, his church...

In truth, credit deserves to be given to the man of god, this god of hate.

Credit does deserve to be given where it is due indeed

Kudos Pastor,

go, man, go!!!

a grateful gay Ugandan

Princess said...


gayuganda said...

Very expressive.

Anonymous said...

So, I want to get this straight. This pastor, Ssempa, publishes the names of who eh THINKS are homosexuals (regardless of if they are or not) in papers to create a witch hunt in a country that has adopted one of the worst traits of Christianity (blatant bigotry), and people see this as worthy of praise? He is risking very human lives with his unthinking hatred. Someone's daughter or son, someone's brother or sister is now in physical danger because a group of people about 15 years ago decided Christians needed a new hate to pull them together and picked an obscure line for a mostly disregarded book in the bible and, indeed brought even Mormons and Christians together in their unified hate of someone not in their in-group. Do I have this right?
Why is this a good thing again? How is this Christian? Where is the love I keep hearing about in CHristianity? I find nowhere in the New Testament saying that Jesus hated homosexuals in particular. But I do find places saying where we need to leave off with the Jewish bible ("old testament") and get on with a better message of love and inclusion.

PS. I am anonymous because my google account is for my art and I like to keep my commercial art and personal opinions separate.

Anonymous said...


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