Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seems some people thought this article was good.

Bravo Dr. Semugoma

I wish to commend Dr. Paul Semugoma for writing an objective article “Same sex attraction is not a disease” that appeared in The New Vision recently.

I’m happily married and a father of five. I have travelled and read scientific books that have made me to think objectively on homosexuality. Dr. Semugoma was very courageous to write about a topic that has diverted clergy from focusing on more important spiritual and development issues.
T. S. Mugoya

Published on: Saturday, 27th September, 2008


gayuganda said...

Havent posted since Thursday!

Ok, maybe I should have..

Hey, about this article, what is interesting is not the fact that someone did find the guts to agree with the doc. Or to have the letter published...

Do you notice the fact that the guy makes you notice his 'straight' credentials? He is married, with five kids, errr, what does that have to do with the article, except to establish the fact that he does not label himself gay!

Interesting world that we do live in.

But, and, yes, seems the editors at New Vision have undergone a seismic change of heart!

Leonard said...

The letter has the same wonderful tolerant "tone" that you write with...are you sure you aren't the good Dr. (with all those kids)?

Excellent letter.

Anonymous said...

Gug, that the gentleman who commended Dr Semugoma's article is married and is a father of five, is a description that may also be applied to many men who in reality have homosexual desire and who in fact do engage in homosexual relations. Indeed, in Africa, the majority of homosexual men are married and have children. On that note, so much for labels...what is a label anyway? Let me just concede a little bit and agree that the man said he's married "happily", albeit, even this is not impossible for a homosexual man.

None of this however is intended to detract from the valid point Mr Mugoya made about the clergy and their seeming obsession with people's sexual orientation, especially at a time when the majority of the world's population is desperately in need of their spiritual guidance.

spiralx said...

I doubt that New Vision has had any change of heart, but at least they're willing to publish both "for" and "against" letters and articles.

What Ugandan human rights activists maybe need to do now is use that to start trying to get articles published that tell the truth about sexual orientation as we presently understand it, not allow the religious bigots such free reign.

@ controversial: yup, couldn't agree with you more. Desmond Tutu has also spoken out about the waste of time spent on sexual orientation issues.

This still comes across to me as a cynical and convenient way of shoring up a power base by insecure politicos ( I include Ssempa and Orombi here, as well as Museveni, Mugabe, etc.), rather than a genuine interest in anything spiritual..

DeTamble said...

You know, Bro, I could say something here...but I'm sure you know what it is :-)

And for Blind Bro, it was important that he point out his 'straight credentials' because it shows that he has reached an understanding about something that biologically he has no real concept about. It's rather more meaningful to your average joe then.

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