Sunday, September 7, 2008


Overcast. Heavy.

The sun above may be very bright; should be. The amount of light filtered through the overcast is a lot. But we see no sun, and the whole sky is a grey white mass, holding back the brilliance, and heat. Below, the air barely stirs. And it is cold, a sharp, challenging cold.

Yet, this is Uganda.

Yesterday, it was brilliant hot. A calm, clear blue sky with little cloud. A sun, queen of all she touched. Triumphant. And the temperatures could not have been beyond 28C. Now, it is cold; but I am moving around in my shirtsleeves. And shorts. Should be 18C or thereabouts.

The invigorating cold of a shower.

Have had a great night’s sleep. Woke up to the warmth of my lover besides me. And to sex. And more sleep.

A new week, and how well can one welcome it?

Last week went in a whirl. Have been sort of disconnected. Wrapped in the things I have to do, enough to forget much of the world around me. Oh, I know that the Kyabazinga of Busoga died. And I have just discovered to my surprise that he is an elected traditional leader. Not hereditary, as the norm is. [Shows how much I know of our traditions!] So, as he is laid to rest, politicking continues. And the land saga in NSSF is continuing. etc. Life as usual.

Last week I waded into a cyber war. Wholly Ugandan! But it has had me take up a privilege I had acquired sometime ago, which I had left to rot. Blogging on a collective Ugandan blog. Hilarious exchanges.

Apparently, I am too much in your face gay. So what? I am gay, and much as I have been reluctant to emphasize that part of my identity, some would rather have me not talk about it at all. Seems too much of a distraction. So, of course I will continue talking about my being gay. I am what I am. And gay is part of it.

I will wrap myself now in some work. For some time. And then, hopefully, the sun will have dispersed the grey white overcast.

A Beautiful day, a beautiful Sunday to you. And of course the week.



Leonard said...

It's a lovely day here in Central America...I hear the local band playing in the distance, lot's of firecrackers and parading's in honor of FREEDOM from Spain (however, like other colonized places, the band often drones on as people/resources are exploited).

But, it's still a lovely day to be alive and thanks for reminding me GayUganda (btw, I used a huge part of your information on my blog yesterday...hope it's ok)

Rejoice, they can't take our LOVE away (no matter how preoccupied with their own phobias they are)!

gayuganda said...

Hi Leonardo,

Happy independence, or freedom day.

The info is ok.


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