Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some Big Brother 3 News

I thought that the Red rug was, er, just stirring the pot of homophobia in Uganda by implying that the BB3 Ugandan contestant Morris was gay, or bisexual, or whatever.

I was amazed at the responses on the blog! An open secret? Or has the guy been ... Well, I don't know. Havent slept with him. Cant say whether he is or not. And, if he is, or is not, and I say he is, well, I will have saddled him with what I try my level best to hide.

Sigh. Dont want to be reminded of the reason I am anonymous here.

But, and a very big but, one of the Big Brother contestants outed themselves. Yes, outed themselves! Here, I picked this from Gay Nairobi Man

A snippet.

The Kenyan representative in BBA stated that she is bisexual and her strategy would be to sleep with all the women first then go for the dudes. This was even reported in The Standard friday magazine.

Wow, Kenya! Kudos

WildeY, wow!!!!!!! Dont tell me you had not picked that up?

So, there is one sis on the show, out and out. And maybe one brother also. The others, well, one never knows. We gay people are gay indeed! Fabulous, and why shouldnt we make that grade.

Makes me almost wish to keep up with BB3!!



Anonymous said...

Just left a comment at GNM's.

Wasn't aware of this development! I don't like reality tv so I don't watch BBA...but hey good for the Kenyan housemate for being open about her sexuality.

The fact that this is being shown across Africa, we should get some interesting reactions.

So is female bisexuality more acceptable than the male version? I wonder, is one more 'African' than the other?

I wonder what Ssempa would say about this?

gayuganda said...

Please bro,

I swore off Ssempa, for the time being. I dont like hell and damnation, or is it brimstone sermons. And ever mention the g word, and it sets him off, like a record. I could quote him word for word...

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