Thursday, January 24, 2008

American Election; (My) African Perspective

I am following the American election year with a lot of interest. It is like a bigger than life reality show.

I bet many people are following it too. The cast is fantastic. A former first lady, wife of one of the ‘randiest’ presidents. (Sniff. Americans and sex. From reputation, our president is randier. But it never makes the papers! Bad form). Who will forget when Clinton came to visit Uganda and all people wanted to talk about whether he did or did not? Do it, you know...

The return of Clinton is pure magic.

Now, he is coming back to support the woman that he spurned for another (they kissed and made up, and lived happily till…) And he is making waves.

And the half-black man, Obama?

I know. Internationally I am treading on the edge of political correctness. Speaking as an African, I must confess that we tend to be more ‘ethnic’ minded than most. What is happening in Kenya is a case in point.

Obama is ours, because he is half black. And of course he is African. Drop the American part. And he is Kenyan, and he is Luo. Sieve through everything. Every African American is an African. To hell with political correctness.

For me, in Africa, it gives me a chance to take sides in this huge reality show. Issues? What issues?

Err, are there any other players in this real life drama? 3 is a good number, isn’t it?
And they are really making waves for our entertainment.

Will Hillary win? My sister recently told me that she supports her. Reason, she is a woman. But that woman can play dirty. She has managed to soil Obama. He was looking too clean at one time. Too charismatic for his own good. I am more confortable with someone less, err, squeaky clean.

Can Obama win? Will he win? Funny. I think at one time, long before the elections started, I was one of the people that were very definite about the chances of a black man becoming president of America. I was a very authoritative authority. Sad. All my calculations have been upset. I wont tell you what I thought.

I should have remembered. A woman trounced a football star to become president of Liberia. And Liberia is in Africa. Yes, I should have remembered that.

When will these delicious political dramas return to the continent? Here elections are run with the inevitability of the triumph of the incumbent’s party.

And what is in it for me as an African?

Dunno. Real life drama. It ends sometime late in the year. Of course it is going to give us so many talking points and idle arguments. The election of the most powerful man (or woman) on earth. I am not a part of the cast. Just a very interested part of the audience, in common with most other people, world over.

Err, I had forgotten. Bush was particularly happy to fund people like Ssempa. I remember being incessed at that. Where is that free floating anger and pain? Seemed to be a constant companion, once upon a time.

I am interested in what happens on the other side of the mighty Atlantic. Wish I was a voter… do it the Ugandan way. Not the Kenyan. It is stupid to be caught, say supercilious Ugandans. There is an unwritten law. ‘Though shalt not be caught in the wrong.’
Or stealing votes, for that matter.

Have a good evening.


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274thoughts said...

Nice insight. The US presidential election is the greatest show ever. With big audience participation.

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